Finest Roots Reggae, Dub, Stepper & Bass Culture. Rootikal Radioshow hosted by Selector TKZ aka TangoKiloZulu is a syndicated radio show broadcasted every Saturday and Sunday on UbuntuFM Reggae Radio. Hailing from Stuttyard, Germany, Selector TKZ broadcasts his radio show since 2015. Dedicated to Heavy Roots, Steppers Dub, and Soundsystem Culture. Rootikal Radio has become internationally recognized for its tuff vibe and high-quality selections.
Music that connects. Available on Sonos, TuneIn, Reciva, Shoutcast, and many other radio directories.
The South African Ubuntu Foundation. SAUFT’s Enlightening Vision
'schizophonic' and outernational radio. The LoveCast is an amalgamation of musical styles, laced with interviews and musical context. 'Schizophonic' and outernational. The LoveCast is a weekly syndicated radio show UbuntuFM Radio International.
An international musical perspective of groove. Bassment Sessions hosted by Dubmatix is a weekly syndicated music mix broadcasted daily on UbuntuFM Reggae & Hip-Hop Radio. The Sessions are all about groove!
The African Exponent - premier online outlet for reliable African news. The African Exponent is a pan-African news platform dedicated to providing news and analysis about contemporary and historical issues in politics, economics, entrepreneurship, and culture relevant to Africa. Our mission is to inspire a "can do" attitude among Africans globally, as the continent continues to grapple with both the challenges and opportunities presented by a rapidly evolving 21st century.