C.C. Grace | "So Far Away"

C.C. Grace | So Far Away
Stellar collection of songs from the '70s

C.C. Grace's third musical adventure! Hand-picked tunes from a decade rich with melody and heart. This stellar collection will take you back to a gentler time and a kinder world. Sit back and let C.C's sultry voice return you to the music that mattered.

In 2013 C.C. released her first album, “Fortunate Woman,” a collection of original songs, plus two classic country covers. Next up was a year-long meditation on Neil Young’s tunes for her 2015 tribute album “Cowgirl in the Sand.” Both albums are Editors’ Picks at CD Baby and have gained her loyal followers around the world. 2018’s “So Far Away” is a collection of songs that informed her awakening as a singer and songwriter.

The Spirit of the '70s

C.C. Grace is a reincarnation of the spirit of 1970s Southern California cosmic country folk-rock, currently living in Pasadena, CA. Spirit indeed; which is what is lacking in many music productions of today.

Music is an art form, an expression of a deeper inner feeling or thought, put to rhyme and rhythm. Music is more than a pretty face and voice, although this admittedly helps to get the message across to a larger audience. C.C Grace has it all. Most importantly the ability to incorporate these classic tracks and make them her own. 

'So Far Away' is by no means an easy remake of classic tracks. C.C. & Eric Rawson re-arranged the music for a basic accompaniment of various acoustic and electric guitars, with a little help of some bass, keyboards and (drum?) samples. What applies to the music goes for the vocals as well. C.C. re-interpreted the vocals and in some cases the lyrics to fit them to her airy, sultry, and pretty unique voice.  

The sonic quality of the album is sublime. The whole album sounds like a fresh summer breeze. Very clear and open. This obviously adds to the listening experience but it also carries the listener away from the originals. After listening to the album a couple of times one tends to forget how the originals sounded.

This was at least our experience and another reason why we wouldn't label this album as a 'cover' album. Yes, technically it is because the roots of the tracks lie in the '70s but apart from that everything else is completely new; adding originality to the originals. 

Hopefully, this album will serve as a template, a benchmark, to young and upcoming artists as to 'how it's done' and will encourage a younger generation of listeners to backtrack on their musical journey towards an era where 'classics' were much rather the norm than the exception. 

Tracklist | original recording

  1. So Far Away | Carole King (1971)
  2. Baby I’m a want you | Bread (1972)
  3. Sister Golden Hair | Gerry Beckly, America (1975)
  4. Please Come to Boston | Dave Loggins (1974)
  5. Fire And Rain | James Taylor (1970)
  6. Crazy Love | Van Morrison (1970)
  7. That’s the Time (Feel Like Makin' Love) | Roberta Flack (1974)
  8. Margaritaville | Jimmy Buffett (1977)
  9. Helpless | Neil Young, CSNY (1970)
  10. Rainy Days and Mondays | The Carpenters (1971)
  11. Your Song | Elton John (1970)


  • C.C. Grace: vocals, steel-string guitar, classical guitar.
  • Tom Izzo: electric guitar, string arrangements.
  • Michael Patzia: bass on “Helpless.” Eric Rawson: samples and keyboards.
  • Produced, engineered, and mixed by Eric Rawson.
  • Mastered by The SoundLab.