Norine Braun "Conventus The Eye of the Heart"

Norine Braun "Conventus The Eye of the Heart"
A real treasure

With blues / rock influences, such as Patti Smith and Janis Joplin, this album is also inspired by the 20+ year marriage with her partner and, in some tracks, she brings to life this love that made ​​her fight against death.

Norine has a distinctive voice, probably grown from roots, inspired by what she listened to, but the lyrics are sweet and melodic. A real treasure for those who follow and enjoy this genre.

Each track, one by one, tells a mini-story about moments of her life and, with care, she reflects on various subjects, including some very recent ones in our society and situations that happen in everyday life, as the ‘99%’ tell us. Somehow, even situations related to what happens every day, these letters make it inspiring, timeless and also, in a certain way, refreshing .

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