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Diamonds in disguise

Every now and then we stumble upon these hidden gems, diamonds in disguise. Upon receiving new promos one first takes a look at the album cover, the title, other metadata, the track list and then may decide to look at it later… This happened to us upon receiving ‘Blues Etc…’ by Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos Del Junco.

The bio print stated 'Nominated for Maple Leaf Blues Awards 2016 Acoustic Act of The Year and Harmonica Player of The Year' but there are so many awards out there..

A couple of weeks passed by before we took the time to look and in particular listen to this masterpiece.

This is a very delicate recording. Treat it with the respect it deserves.

'Blues Etc...' with eight of the songs recorded in the studio and two taken from a live recording is a collection of originals and covers including blues to boogie, with some country infused melodies to lay back to.

'Blues Etc...' on the surface may present itself as a loose collection of Blues songs. What stood out from the outset is the excellent recording quality. The listener is being drawn into legacy territory. One can feel, smell the Blues dripping from this recording. If one takes the time to listen. This is no recording to digest during breakfast. It can best be appreciated late at night. A glass of whisky in one hand and - who knows - a cigar in the other... 

'Blues Etc...' is a very delicate recording. Treat it with the respect it deserves. If not, it will fool you into thinking that it lacks direction, a loose collection of Blues tracks. Good but not exemplary. The title of the album ‘Blues Etc...’ adds to this, amplifies it. Whether intended or not, we feel this plays down to the quality of the recording, its honest approach and the Blues message it conveys...

This album is not for the uninitiated. 

There's a lot of fake Blues out there that feeds off off the legacy without paying tribute to it. This album distinguishes itself from that. Maybe 'Not just any Blues...' might have been a better title. Then again we might be missing point. Maybe it would have revealed its precious cargo of hidden gems all to easily. ‘Blues Etc…’ is a great exemplary recording in any way shape or form and by any standard.

If you are looking for and appreciate Blues roots on a contemporary recording we can recommend ‘Blues Etc…’


Artist: Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos Del Junco
Title: Blues Etc...
Label: Big Reed Records
Genre: Blues,Acoustic
Released: Dec 2016

Jimmy Bowskill: guitars and vocals Carlos del Junco: harmonica and vocals 
Media Contact: Bluestime Productions, 416-467-1453, [email protected]

Track listing
1. Beale St. Toodle-oo 4:49
2. Roll Away The Stone 3:46
3. Everybody Knows 4:30
4. Heaven’s Where You’ll Dwell 7:05
5. If I Called Your Name 3:33
6. Confidence Man 4:13
7. Can’t Lose 3:51
8. Hug You (live) 3:41
9. Spike Driver Blues 4:40
10.The Blues Don’t Like Nobody (live) 4:13