Interview with Khabonina Qubeka

Khabonina Qubeka

UbuntuFM’s Ikenna Okeh interviewed South-African actress Khabonina Qubeka.
Khabonina’s movie “Dora’s Peace” premieres at RapidLion 2017, March 04-12, The Market Place, Johannesburg.

Q: It is our pleasure getting in touch with you, Khabonina Qubeka
A: Thank you so much for chatting to me . I'm so honored.

Q: A good number of people have come to associate your name with the screen. Can you tell us what else you do when not featuring in a blockbuster?
A: I thank God daily for an awesome career , I've been grateful to have worked on Big Television shows such as Muvhango The Lab , For Sale , The Wild on Mnet. I'm currently shooting Isidingo , portraying the role of Nina Zamdela which airs every night 7pm on Sabc 3.

Dora's Peace... such an amazing project!

Q: Let us talk about the much anticipated movie, 'Dora's Peace'. How different is your role as Dora different from your other movie roles?
A: Dora's Peace... such an amazing project! I fell in love with Dora the moment I read the script . I played her very raw and very honest ... she's a woman with many layers & it's important to share each those layers creatively with ease.

Q: Were there any challenges or remarkable experiences you had on set the movie?
A: Lol! Of course We had a few challenges as a team. We were on location most of the time, so there were weather challenges , crowd control issues at times , but we dealt with all so well! My personal challenge was sometimes being able to show the light and the darkness of Dora especially in the scenes with the brilliant 12 year old boy "Peace".

Q: 'Dora's Peace' is scheduled for screening in a few days time. There's expectation in the air. Could you give us a heads-up on what to expect of the character, Dora?
A: She's a woman on fire - in every way - but ... as you follow her see her eventually find her redemption. Her peace.

Africa needs to stop blaming and pointing fingers, we need to look at ourselves...

Q: In retrospect, what impact do you think 'Dora's Peace' will have on the upbuilding of the South African society, and Africa at large?
A: Dora's Peace will make you look at yourself, look at your relationships across the board, but mostly, look at the relationship you have with yourself. Africa needs to stop blaming and pointing fingers, we need to look at ourselves, fix ourselves firsts ... then ... sort out the rest of the world!

Q: Let's shift the focus on your personal life. Can you share a thing or two which is not Khabonina Qubeka Of The Screen? For instance your preferred recreational activities, family, you know...
A: I love reading & writing , yoga , love my private and intimate family and friends time. I have other business interests ... and I'm happy to see growth in that department too.

We will only TRULY improve when we start recognizing and appreciating our talents and goodness...

Q: Back to acting. You are not new to the scene. That is to say, you are a resourceful person inasmuch as the movie industry is concerned. Therefore, can you tell us a thing or two about improving on the quality and standard of the local movie industry?
A: I believe that the industry is growing and improving. We sadly don't see it and only appreciate our "growth" when recognized by the "West"! We will only TRULY improve when we start recognizing and appreciating our talents and goodness and that will also bring in investment and our "Budget" issue will improve too. Dear industry, no one will ever invest in you if you don't believe in yourself.

Q. What are your fans to expect of their Khabonina Qubeka in the near future; more movie roles, activism, philanthropy?
A: Definitely more movies, I have another one dropping mid year ! I'm a health and fitness activist, so you'll see a lot coming out from that side of me. I work with kids through my Edudance program, I have a big event with my mother Portia coming this year!

Q. Thank you, Khabonina, for your time. We at UbuntuFM wish you all the best as we look forward to seeing you in 'Dora's Peace'.
A: You just made my day! Loved your Questions & pointers!

Author(s): Ikenna Okeh