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Yerry Rellum orginating from Surinam but based in the Netherlands, has released what may turn out to be a modern day Soul Classic. Yerry is known in Holland from his appearance at The Voice Of Holland, Season 7 as well as a number of movie and TV show features. 'I Feel Love', was released in February 2018 to wide acceptance. 

'I Feel Love' is a song that bespeaks beauty such as is felt and interpreted right within your soul. I will be telling you as much of it as I can translate into words in an attempt to communicate them to you.

First, it begins with a touching piano intro that kicks off like a shaft of morning sun; sudden but not startling, as though you've been readying a welcome for it all the while. I'm intrigued by that very brief pause before Yerry's voice comes up. How suspenseful! In that very brief moment, it's like the mind skips over a void that's quite musical, or rather a part of the musical whole. And you should hear how rich Yerry's vocals come. It's melodiously masculine. Suave.

We were intrigued by that very brief pause in the track, just before Yerry's voice comes up. What a suspense and vocal timing!

Vocal performances in general and Soul vocals particular are not just a matter of vocal physics. Singing in the right key is a given. Timing is of the essence and the way the lyrics are laid out on the musical track; on the beat or just in between. This distinguishes a good singer or track from an excellent one. 

The vocal 'phrasing' is what determines the 'S' in soul music. Just listen how 'crooners' like Marvin Gaye or 'howlers' like Otis Redding master this skill in basically every track . As far as we are concerned Yerri is a master of the skill and art of singing Soul music. 

Instrumentally, we perceive 'I Feel Love' to border closely on accapella, for it allows Yerry's vocals to breathe and express its natural properties. One should experience the consistency of his vocals; they retain their integrity even when taken onto high and low pitches.

It's quite a show of musical and vocal prowess, the way he alters his tone at periods along the song. If altering his tone inspires a welcome sensation, then you should experience the momentary pauses along the song. Again, it's sensational, for 'sensational' seems to be the right word for describing it.

It's like Yerry is allowing us a fraction of a moment to listen to our own heart adding its own beat to the instrumental accompaniment.

We have made mention of the song bordering on Accapella, with the piano, though relegated to the background, offering a worthy projection of the vocals.

It's quite a show of musical and vocal prowess, the way Yerri alters his tone at periods along the song.

We may never stop talking about the vocals, Yerry's vocals. Wow. We're still trying to draw comparisons. But we won't waste time wacking our heads on it furthermore. We'd rather make mention of its evident synchrony with the sparse instrumental accompaniment. Sometimes though, it's stretched a little, as though to veer off course, but this is Yerry being vocally romantic. And our senses get a full measure of the musical romance. Such a treatment of music!

You shouldn't believe us if we missed out the backup vocals. You should hear the waves of backup vocals. It's like a reinforcement coming and going when beckoned upon by a troop commander. How beautiful and rich they sound! They lend such a sublime feel to the song. My very soul reverberated with the melody. A violin joining the instrumental assortment at a stage makes it all heavenly.

This is a song whose strength lies in every one of its musical elements.

There is no single element that isn't brought on in a state of perfection. The lyrics offer a transport as much as the vocals and musical accompaniment. We would recommend this song any day and time for anyone who loves music in the Soul genre.

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  • lyrics: Yerri Rellum, Duane Stephenson
  • producer: Wouter Hardy
  • publishing & distribution: Walboomers Music


Author(s): Ikenna Okeh