Jimi Hendrix | Band of Gypsys

UbuntuFM | Jimi Hendrix | Band of Gypsys (1970)

Band of Gypsys is a live album and Jimi's first without the Experience. Recorded at Fillmore East NYC - dec 31 - jan 2, 1970 with a new line-up of musiciians.

#BoG is regarded by some fans and critics as Hendrix's least important album. This may be a matter of personal taste and preference. An album may not appeal to a certain segment of an artist's following, it still may leave it's mark on music history. Such is the case with #BoG

The recording is clearly more rhythm driven and less Blues oriented. Working with different musicians - Billy Cox on bass and Buddy Miles on drums - produces different outcomes. 

Hendrix was heading in a new direction with album - that of black Funk Rock - and in doing so paving the way for many artists to follow and further develop upon. In this we find #BoG's significance.

UbuntuFM | Jimi Hendrix | Band of Gypsys (1970)

Whether Jimi Hendrix would have continued on the road he started to explore with this release, whether he would have changed line-ups again - involving his 'Experience' pals again - we will never know. Jimi died 5 months after the release of Band of Gypsys.

Track listing

  1. "Who Knows" (3rd show)
  2. "Machine Gun" (3rd show)
  3. "Changes" (4th show)
  4. "Power to Love [sic][a]" (4th show)
  5. "Message of Love [sic][a]" (4th show)
  6. "We Gotta Live Together" (4th show)
  7. "Hear My Train A Comin'" (1st show) (1991 re-issue)
  8. "Foxy Lady" (3rd show) (1991 re-issue)
  9. "Stop" (3rd show) (1991 re-issue)


  • Billy Cox – bass guitar, vocals
  • Jimi Hendrix – electric guitar, vocals, producer, liner notes
  • Buddy Miles – drums, vocals