UbuntuFM | Hands

Hands are special, Hands are warm, 
Hands are complex, Hands are beautiful.

From the new born baby, reaching out to you, as soon as it is able to,
holding tight, with a surprisingly strong grip, your finger,

to the elderly man or woman, reaching out to you, one more time, holding tight,
their strength fading away, when the last breath of air is exhaled, your hand,

from lovers, reaching out to each other, for the first time, holding tight,
that very first special touch, with high hopes for a better future, their hands,

to all the people in your lifetime, reaching out to greet you, from day to day,
holding tight, from meeting to meeting, communicating, shaking hands.

Hands are special, Hands are warm,
Hands are complex,Hands are beautiful.

Hands are unique.

Let's take care of our hands.