What is the meaning of colourful?
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Does it mean what the dictionary tells us: bright, rich, brilliant, intense, vivid, vibrant, psychedelic, motley, multicolored?

What does it mean to you?

Does it mean:

full-of-color? reds, greens, blues, cyans, magentas, whites, blacks, yellows?

Yet, when you mix them in a bowl, you might end up with a muddy mess.
But, when a painter applies them to canvas, history might be in the making.

Why can one word have so many different a meaning?
How can the same material have so many different results?

Maybe, it is in the way the word is spoken.
Maybe, it is in the way the material is used.

So, what drives us to speak the word in one way?
By what means the material ends up in another way?

Maybe, there would be less confusion if they were used...

in the right way…