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Ray Phiri: The Highland Drifter

UbuntuFM | Ray Phiri, the legendary South-African Jazz musician and founder of Stimela.

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Ray Phiri (1947-2017)Commemorative article by King Vusi Mavuthela on Ray Phiri (1947-2017) who passed on July 12, 2017. 

Raymond Chikapa Enock Phiri (March 23, 1947 – July 12, 2017) was a South African Jazz, Fusion and Mbaqanga musician born in Mpumalanga to a Malawian immigrant worker and a South African guitarist nicknamed "Just Now" Phiri. 


Ray Phiri collaborated with Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo on Simon's Graceland album project in 1985. Before this collaboration Phiri already had had a

Harari Magic

UbuntuFM | The Harari Story | The Beaters

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The story of South Africa’s all-time favourite band ‘Harari’The significance of Harari as one of the most important bands from the late 60's to the early 80's and its influence on popular music in Southern Africa cannot be overstressed.

Early period: The formation of the band as ‘The Beaters’

The story of South Africa’s all-time favourite band began on April 18, 1968 at Orlando West High School, Soweto under the stewardship of the highly respected principal Dr. Matseke who has since departed. May his soul rest in peace.  Four high school friends came together to form a school band so that they could perform at a local

Onirose | Young Musician from the Caribbean

UbuntuFM | Onirose Interview

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King Mavuthela talked to Onirose,Young Musician from the CaribbeanOnirose​ a young musician from the Caribbean has released her album titled ‘I Got It’ which is making waves around the world. She had an interview with UbuntuFM's King Mavuthela. 

King Mavuthela: Hello and happy to talk to you here at Ubuntu FM 
Onirose: Hey! I’m truly delighted, thank you!

You can learn more about Onirose on her website onirose.com

King Mavuthela: Tell our listeners and your fans about Onirose. Who is Onirose? Your background…….
Onirose: Would you believe that I suck at the gift of description. Really, it’s like I’m met with a brick wall when

Q&A Interview with Military Gang B4B

UbuntuFM | Interview with Military Gang B4B

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King Mavuthela interviews SA Hip-Hop talentKing Mavuthela conducted an interview with a young group of Hip-Hop artists hailing from Mamelodi East in Pretoria, South Africa. The group is popularly known as Military Gang B4B and is a real deal indeed and coming out with their own type of music.

Paul Lethamaga (MrKruger aka Mad Max) is the leader of the group and the person I spoke to.
Let’s find out more about him and the crew here at Ubuntu FM Africa………..

King Mavuthela: Paul Lethamaga welcome at Ubuntu FM Africa and thanks for your time!
Paul Lethamaga: Special greetings and respect goes to Ubuntu FM listeners, to you King Mavuthela and the station as a whole.

King Mavuthela


UbuntuFM | Keeniatta aka EmpressK

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UbuntuFM Radio interviewed South African singer KEENIATTA Recently King Vusi Mavuthela of UbuntuFM Radio conducted an interview with KEENIATTA aka EMPRESSK.  KEENIATTA, born in South Africa but a global citizen for most of her life, talks about her music, her new album "UNIVERSAL LOVE" and her special project #NeverGiveUp 

KEENIATTA shows her talent as a singer and performer since she was a child. She grew up listening to Aretha Franklin, Patti La Belle, Tina Turner and Diana Ross as well as a lot of other music. Her music career begins as she wins the 1st ediiton of the “Shell Road To Fame”, a famous talent show in South Africa, by signing with top labels to record a few albums released in South Africa. Polygram

Interview with Max Mojapelo

UbuntuFM | Max 'The Mixer' Mojapelo at the controls

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King Mavuthela interviews the legendary radio host An interview with legendary Bra Max ‘The Mixer Boy’ Mojapelo, an award winning radio personality, an author, researcher and music compiler of note. He is currently a host of a lunch hour radio show called ‘Disa fisha’ from 12h00 to 14h00, Mondays to Fridays at ThobelaFM (SABC).

King Mavuthela: Welcome on Ubuntu FM Africa and thanks for your time Bra Max
Bra Max Mojapelo: Thanks for the opportunity my King. It is both honor and privilege to guest on this truly African station that promotes the essence of who we are as Africans – Ubuntu. I am because you are!

King Mavuthela: Who is Max ‘The Mixer Boy’ Mojapelo to those who do not know you? Tell us brief about your