Callie Cardamon | "Jump For Joy"

UbuntuFM Jazz Radio | Callie Cardamon | "Jump For Joy"

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Authentic Jazz standards EP “Jump for Joy” is a small collection that refused to die. Shelved for more than ten years - after Callie released her second Jazz standards album - this new release delivers a fresh and authentic perspective on five Jazz standards. 

Callie Cardamon is a #US West-Coast songwriter, standards singer and writer whose distinctive interpretations of #Jazz and #FolkPop standards have earned her a global following. Let's see what Callie has to say about her new release.

 I couldn’t find the artistic space to complete a jazz standards record, so these five songs were in limbo, waiting to be officially released.

'Jump for Joy'

Guy Mapoko | "Pardon"

Guy Mapoko | "Pardon" | UbuntuFM

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Album release"Pardon" is the second release by Guy Mapoko. The 14 tracks on this album are an amalgamation of his West-African roots and the music of his second home, Canada.

Self-dubbed as ROCKAFRIKA, Guy explains his music as "Rock and Blues marinated in an African sauce, driven by percussion instruments such as water calabash, djembe, congas, cajun and talking drums; delivered in my mother tongue as well as in English and French. In other words, it is rock and blues with colors and flavors from Africa."

Born in Benin, English teacher by day and musician at night

Barry Alexander King | "Leave It All Behind"

Barry Alexander King | "Leave It All Behind" | UbuntuFM World Radio

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Album releaseBarry Alexander King has delivered an album full of top-quality songwriting, hooks, lyrics, and production. Meaningful lyrics wrapped in entertaining music.  

This English troubadour definitely shows his Irish roots and heart in all 12 tracks on this album. "Leave It All Behind" was recorded in the USA, UK, and Germany and co-produced by top guitarist Justin Lewis and Grammy award-winning producer/engineer Tony Daigle (BB.King, Mark Knopfler) in Lafayette, Louisiana. With such pedigree, it is easy to understand why this album sounds so good. 


Girl Town | "Project Girl Town"

Girl Town | "Project Girl Town" | UbuntuFM Soul Radio

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EP releaseGirl Town is a generational project: father Jeff and daughter M'lissa. Together they have re-worked 5 classics into some very refreshing and new that will have appeal to all generations. 

Girl Town is a self-declared father-daughter 'hobby project'. Papa Jeff let his daughter M'lissa sing the songs of his generation. Well, that's a bit of understatement. Together, with the help of producer Jan van der Toorn they have completely re-worked 5 classic Soul, Jazz, and R&B tracks and succeeded in creating very refreshing versions of these well-known classics:

 A Motownesque re-work of

Roxana Amed | "Instantáneas" (Studio Live Sessions)

Roxana Amed | Instantáneas, Studio Live Sessions | UbuntuFM World Radio

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album release8 intimate pieces by singer-songwriter Roxana Amed - recorded in different cities and with small ensembles - with a jazzy mood that distinguishes the singer when approaching popular music.

 Instantáneas, Studio Live Sessions is 7th production and a collection of songs by Buenos Aires, Argentina, native, singer-songwriter Roxana Amed. The album featured Roxana's own compositions in English and Spanish like 'Nosotros Dos', 'Lonely People', 'Home Is You' and 'Mi Casa Eres Tú'.

She also renders versions of Joni Mitchell’s 'Blue' (!), Gustavo Cerati’s 'Cactus' and Pedro Aznar’s 

Leah Capelle | "Giants" EP

UbuntuFM | Leah Capelle | "Giants" EP

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The highly anticipated follow-up EP "Giants" is officially dropped! In Capelle’s own words: “I want people who listen to my music to feel like they know me.

Leah Capelle is an alternative/pop/rock artist from Chicago. She has a freshness and spontaneity, instead, capable of capturing the spirit of any song with skill and grace. Leah Capelle is a rare talent.

The highly anticipated follow-up EP ‘giants’ is officially dropped September 21, 2018 globally - yes, we’re once again late to the party. In this project, Capelle delves deeply into her

Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics

UbuntuFM | Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics

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Funky Soulsteady Beat from Washington D.C. & BelgiumThe Badasonics mixes Soul and Funk together with Jamaican riddims and horns with the soulful rock and Reggae voice of Caz Gardiner to deliver a pulsating party of soul steady beats.

Finally! We have been playing "Never Gonna Let" and in particular "Tic Tac Toe" for months and now the full release is there!

The Badasonics, consisting of former members of The Moon Invaders & The Caroloregians, were also known as the busiest backing band for Jamaican artists in Europe and have played with Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Ken Boothe, Alton Ellis, Dave & Ansel Collins, Rico Rodriguez

Bill King, Wayne McGhie & Pablo Paul | 'Promises'

UbuntuFM | Bill King, Wayne McGhie & Pablo Paul | 'Promises'

#Releases #Reggae #Funk Bill King

The backstory to this track is as interesting as the track itselfIt was 1974, and Toronto was undergoing a cultural shift. The usual pop fare was starting to assimilate the rhythms of the Caribbean – not just Soca, and calypso – but a music known and beloved by those who immigrated from Jamaica called, ‘Reggae.’ 


Over a Forty-four year period, Bill King either stored in a garage, basement or transported fifteen 2” tape recordings, most absent track sheets, and recorded between 1974 to 1985. Some were jazz and others reggae and funk sessions with his various bands. 

Out of curiosity King had four of those 2" tapes baked (in order to attempt to preserve magnetic tapes you can bake

Jimi Hendrix | Band of Gypsys

UbuntuFM | Jimi Hendrix | Band of Gypsys (1970)

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Featured on UbuntuFM World Radio Band of Gypsys is a live album and Jimi's first without the Experience. Recorded at Fillmore East NYC - dec 31 - jan 2, 1970 with a new line-up of musiciians.

#BoG is regarded by some fans and critics as Hendrix's least important album. This may be a matter of personal taste and preference. An album may not appeal to a certain segment of an artist's following, it still may leave it's mark on music history. Such is the case with #BoG

The recording is clearly more rhythm driven and less Blues oriented. Working with different musicians - Billy Cox on