• Album review | Meet Me At The Crossroads

    UbuntuFM | Sweet Lu Olutosin | Meet Me At The Crossroads #Reviews | #Soul | #Jazz| #USA | Sweet Lu Olutosin released a very entertaining Soul-Jazz album With a Billboard #1 Traditional Jazz album to his credit and a mission to rejuvenate the souls of audiences everywhere, "Sweet Lu" Olutosin continues to shine the light of his 'spirit music' with his latest release "Meet Me At The Crossroads".
  • Samini | Obimbra

    Samini | Obimbra (Say No To Rape) #Footage | #Reggae | #USA| #JA| #Ghana| #SayNoToRape | Say No To Rape FEATURED | Based on the Reggae Sax Riddim this track sends a strong message across the world to condemn the act of rape and violence against women. A collaboration between Reggae Vibes Music based in NY & Kingston JA, alongside the High Grade Family from Ghana. 
  • Dr. Dubenstein | Conspiracy Theory

    UbuntuFM | Dr. Dubenstein | Conspiray Theory | Album review #Reviews | #Reggae | #Dub| #USA| Dr. Dubenstein | Superb true-to-form concept album Dr. Dubenstein, former employee of the legendary RAS Records Label from Washington DC gathered up some high-carat collaborators to join him in his submarine.