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Jimi Hendrix | Band of Gypsys

UbuntuFM | Jimi Hendrix | Band of Gypsys (1970)

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Featured on UbuntuFM World Radio Band of Gypsys is a live album and Jimi's first without the Experience. Recorded at Fillmore East NYC - dec 31 - jan 2, 1970 with a new line-up of musiciians.

#BoG is regarded by some fans and critics as Hendrix's least important album. This may be a matter of personal taste and preference. An album may not appeal to a certain segment of an artist's following, it still may leave it's mark on music history. Such is the case with #BoG

The recording is clearly more rhythm driven and less Blues oriented. Working with different musicians - Billy Cox on

Brother Jimi

UbuntuFM | Jimi Hendrix - The Musical Firestorm

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The musical firestormJimi Hendrix (November 27, 1942 - September 18, 1970)

Brother Jimi,

The Musical firestorm, that raged thru the land of Sound and Soul, changing it forever.
The tidal wave that washed ashore on the beaches of Melody and Harmony, shaping it forever.
The howling hurricane of force and fury that hit the ground running, all but to vanish into thin air.
The root of the tree of music that stands firmly in the garden of Genius and Grace.