All This Huxley | "All This Huxley"

A brave new album

This eclectic indie album from All This Huxley shows off the band's considerable talent for pairing their erudite, dystopian lyrics with majestic guitars and insistent riffs, drawing inspiration from the likes of Modest Mouse, Tom Waits, Warren Zevon, The Districts, and old Wilco.

All This Huxley put out their debut eponymous album in 2017. Since then it had been quiet for a couple of years. Maybe due to the fact that some of the band's members still had to finish law school. It doesn't matter. Talent like this will re-surface sometime someplace. We have added the album in full to our playlist and it will remain there indefinitely.  

My personal favourite track is 'Skinny Rabbits', which matches the best work of Pixies in terms of intensity.

Intensity is the keyword when describing this album. It is what makes this album sticks out from the crowd. Intensity both lyrically as well as musically.

"All This Huxley" grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go until the last track. That last track - being 'Skinny Rabbits' may well finish you off. It at least leaves an indistinguishable impression upon the listener.  There is a lot of Indie Rock out there, but not a lot of All This Huxley.

Well-crafted and produced music is more or less 'a given' in a time where consumers are flooded by a cacophony of new releases, each and every day; meaningful lyrical content, lyrics that inform, entice, engage, raise questions, is the first watershed moment, whereby a lot of new material just doesn't cut it. But every now and then a new release, like "All This Huxley", breaks through, like the sun on a cloudy day. It's the delivery that does it.

It's this "Wait a minute! something's going on here!" moment, those rare occurrences, far and few between, that make your blood rush. 'All This Huxley' have this capability which put them next to Alabama Shakes, Pixies, or early days R.E.M in my dictionary. 

This thus far single album released by the band begs for more. In April 2019 the band released an EP called "HOME, STOCKHOLM", which we haven't had the pleasure of obtaining so far, but from what we gathered from other reviews the band still goes strong.

"All This Huxley are incredible, refreshing and artful, fascinating, passionate. This project is everything you could hope for when the search for new music seems to have grown impossible. A total dream to escape within for a while. " - Stere  Stickman

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