L.A.B | L.A.B V
Some lab experiments fail, this one succeeded

L.A.B return with their new album, L.A.B V, their fifth in five years. Following on from a string of albums & singles that have reached number one at home in New Zealand, L.A.B V features a band continuing to experiment with multiple genres while staying true to the L.A.B sound. The album sees the band combining their eclectic sound into a compelling journey that moves across reggae, soul, funk & blues.

The 10 tracks featured on L.A.B V showcase a mixture of the styles that have grown to be the L.A.B sound. This release sees the sound expanding into country & hip-hop with the tracks ‘Under The Sun’ & ‘Real Ones’, featuring local artist Kings. Tracks ‘Can You Be The One’ & ‘Oh Honey’ are the albums soulful slow jams which feature strings to match from frequent-collaborators The Black Quartet.

‘Mr Reggae’, ‘Like Fire’ & ‘I Know’ all bring L.A.B’s roots/reggae experience to the front, creating tracks that instantly feel like classic summer sing-alongs. ’Backseat’ sees the band bring a soul-infused R&B sound to the tracks, backed by full strings, horns & woodwind instruments, while ‘Proud Man’ closes the album with a classic funk-inspired jam.

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