Saturday Night Fish Fry | "Vol. 1"

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UbuntuFM | Saturday Night Fish Fry - Vol. 1
A collection of Rhythm & Blues classics

Saturday Night Fish Fry's name is derived from a late 40's popular jump blues song, written by Louis Jordan and Ellis Lawrence Walsh. It is also namesake to popular dance events full of Rock 'n Roll, Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, Western Swing and Boogie-Woogie as is depicted on the CD cover. 

'Stand up and jump to the Blues' might well be the subtitle or theme to this album.

The band blends all these elements into a fresh collection of Rhythm & Blues classics. "Saturday Night Fish Fry - Vol. 1" is a studio album but with a 'live' atmosphere to it, full of energy as one might get and feel from attending an actual dance event. I just couldn't stand still no more - to paraphrase the opening track of the album. 'Stand up and jump to the Blues' might well be the subtitle or theme to this album. This is no coincidence as the Saturday Night Fish Fry have shown between 2001 and 2007, when they recorded three albums – "Jump, Shout, Rock da House" for Radioland/Universal, "Rhythm & Soul" and "Dirt Road Blues" for 7 ARTS. Each with a specific theme. 

The Fish Fry are a top instrumental band on their own

The Fish Fry are a top instrumental band on their own, but let's zoom in on Shakura S’Aida vocals. She has power to spare, but there’s something extra there as well - she has a presence, that indefinable but nonetheless undeniable charisma that leaves little doubt she would dominates any live stage. Whether it’s on the joyous “I Just Can’t Stand It No More” that kicks things off, the playful naiveté she suggests on Eddie Hinton’s “Pore Ole Me” or the utter despair she projects on a tour-de-force reading of “Maybelle’s Blues,” she handles every assignment with equal aplomb.

Can't wait for Vol. 2!! In the meantime we are happy to feature this album on our radio station!


Release date: Feb 7, 2017

Producer/Arranger/Keyboards – Bill King

Lead vocals: Shakura S’Aida


  • Guitarist – Neil Chapman

  • Bass: Scott Alexander on tracks 1,2,4,6,7,8

  • Bass: Howard Aye on tracks 3,5,9,10

  • Drums: David DeRenzo on tracks 1,2,4,6,7,8

  • Drums: Mike Sloski on tracks 3,5,9,10

  • Tenor Saxophone: Bobby Brough

  • Trumpet: William Sperandei

  • Baritone saxophone: Chris Gale

  • Alto Sax: John Johnson


  1. I Just Can’t Stand It No More

  2. Don’t Freeze on Me

  3. Here I Am

  4. Easy, Easy, Easy

  5. Poor Ole Me

  6. Maybelle’s Blues

  7. Ain’t I Talkin’ To You Baby

  8. Give

  9. 2X2

  10. Let’s Stick Together