UbuntuFM Community Contributor: Harris 'King' Mavuthela

King Vusi Mavuthela radio host @ Ubuntu FM

Interview with King Vusi Mavuthela, host of UbuntuFM Radio, radio presenter at KCRSFM, poet, passionate about life, a piscean and a Liverpool FC fan.
Twitter: @KingMavuthela
Instagram: @king_mavuthela5
Facebook: www.facebook.com/harris.mavuthela
KCRSFM website: www.kcrsfm.co.za

Greetings King Vusi Mavuthela, 
We are proud and honored to welcome you as a part of the Ubuntu FM team!
Q: Please, tell the people a little bit about yourself. Who is King Vusi?
A: Thank you so much. I’m really grateful for the opportunity given to me. King Vusi is a brother, husband and son of the soil. I am a proud person and very proud about being an African. I was born in the early 70’s, in a village north of Middelburg, South Africa. In August 1975 we moved to a new settlement which was called Valschfontein, that later changed to Siyabuswa. This is where I started my schooling and completed my Matric in 1992. I went to study for a teaching diploma in 1995 and have been working as a teacher since 2000. 

My early memories are full of music. I used to go to ‘stokvels’ nearby as a young boy to listen to music. At the end of every month, when people working in town came back, they used to play lots of music. Then I would visit to listen to the music. Christmas time, or should I say the festive season, was my favorite season, because of the music. I fell in love with music at the time when Mbaqanga music was like hot potatoes. Those were the days of Soul Brothers, Steve kekana, The Movers, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Papa and Blondie and Harari. And during the 80s, South Africa’s disco music blew me away.
People have attached many names to me, such as DJ, Sir, Dr., Captain and lastly King which stuck as I have been called King Mavuthela ever since. Mavuthela comes from Vusi. All these names have strong meanings and define me well. Vusi comes from Vusumuzi - to awaken a home or family or to bring hope after something bad has occurred. The name Mavuthela has strong musical connection -from the music label which was started by bra West Nkosi, who was a producer at Gallo Records. It is a legacy name.
I used to listen to a number of radio stations like Radio Bop, Radio Thohoyandou, Radio Lebowa (Thobela Fm), Radio Ndebele (IkwekweziFm), Radio Zulu (UkhoziFm) and Radio Metro. The voices that did justice behind the mike were those of Cyril ‘Kansas City’ Mchunu, ‘The Boogie’ Harry Cohen, Alex Jay, Chris Motshapi, Steve Codesa Msiza and evergreen and legendary Max Mojapelo. 

Bra Max Mojapelo of Thobela Fm is the reason I am on the radio today. He left radio for almost 10 years and came back in 2011. That brought back my desire and passion to bring radio to another level. Radio and music: two things that are inseparable.
Q: What can we expect from your show “Mavuthela Music Rendezvous”
A: You can expect music all the way! From ‘toeka af’, way back, to today’s sound. As the show says. It is the place where music, meaning different music that appealed to different generations will be played. Marabi, Kwela, Mbaqanga, traditional,jazz, disco of the 80s, kwaito, African music and a bit of poetry to spice it up………
Q: How often do you plan to broadcast on Ubuntu FM Radio?
A: Mostly on weekends. That’s a good time to relax and enjoy good music. This is an opportunity which nobody can say ‘no’ unto it. With music anything is possible. I will make use of this opportunity and even during the week. You will never know the demand. We are talking music here. But we will see…
Q: Is your show open to requests? How can the people reach you?
A: Yes of course! Interaction with people is my passion. Talking about music is a subject I can’t resist. Requests permitted. I am known as King Mavuthela on radio to music loving people. Best search for “King Mavuthela” on Facebook and I can also be reached on Twitter: @KingMavuthela
A Facebook page for the show will be cool. It will push me to work harder. It will be my highlight for 2016. (King Vusi’s show “Mavuthela Music Rendezvous” will be featured on UbuntuFM Radio - Africa Facebook page)
Q: What does Ubuntu mean to you, King Vusi?
A:  Ubuntu is like a connector or attractive force. If you’ve got Ubuntu, people will be like that towards you. Ubuntu is a way of living well with other people. A spirit of caring, compassion, loving and tolerating other human beings. We are humans because of other humans. In our language we simply say: “Umuntu umuntu ngabantu”. Ubuntu is Africa’s most powerful spirit - more than any other wealth you can talk about. Without Ubuntu we are nothing. Ubuntu-botho-ujamaah
Q: Why do you call African Music the “Mother of all Music”?
A:  If you have an ear for music, you can tell that most music has got African elements into it, especially drums pattern and bass guitar. And it comes as no surprise to see most of the artists from abroad collaborating with our musicians. From Harry Belafonte to Paul Simon. The rest is history. African music has got this originality that you can’t find elsewhere…
Q: Let’s say, I’m an young artist. Are you willing to promote my music on Ubuntu FM?
A: Promoting young artists is something I can do at any given time. Actually, not just young artists, any artist irrespective of age. I listen to any kind of music and appreciate young artists like Emtee, Kwesta, Babes Wodumo and many up and coming musicians
Q: When you look at the world today, King Vusi, what do you see?
A: A world full of opportunities, with beautiful human beings all over the place. People have lots of energy that is used incorrectly to frustrate, hurt and confuse the world. But with all the negativity that is clouding this beautiful world of ours, we still need to be happy and have fun. The Almighty has been good to us. Let’s be thankful and enjoy life on earth
Thank you very much for your time King Vusi.
We wish you lots of success with your show and the Ubuntu FM project!
Pleasure broer. I am humbled. Looking forward to an inspiring working relationship.

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