Dave O Rama

'schizophonic' and outernational

The Lovecast is an amalgamation of musical styles, laced with interviews and musical context. 'Schizophonic' and outer-national. The LoveCast is a weekly syndicated radio show UbuntuFM World Radio broadcasted MON - FRI 8 PM CET (10PM EST/EDT)

It's a Lovecast Solstice Celebration

On this episode of The Lovecast, we devote our global-sonic Schizophonic selections toward the goal of calling back Sister Sun. It's a Lovecast Solstice Celebration to help you push through the darkness and conjure up the beautiful radiance of our solar savior. It is also the 150th broadcast of the show on UbuntuFM World Radio!

Interview with Canada's John Peel

UbuntuFM's Ikenna Okeh linked up with David Owen Rama, Canada's John Peel. Dave is consultant to Canada's JUNO Awards, writer for several music magazines, a self-declared 'schizophonic', and host and producer of the LoveCast show which is broadcasted on UbuntuFM Radio International. Get ready for an interesting read!