Roger Troutman

T-Spoon ft. EyeKonik & Roger | 'I Want To Be Your Man'

UbuntuFM | T-Spoon | I Want To Be Your Man (ft. Eyekonik & Roger)

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Roger Troutman tributeThe original version of 'I Want to Be Your Man' was released by American funk legend Roger Troutman (1951-1999), from his third studio album Unlimited!.

For those of you who don't know Roger: 
Roger Troutman was the founder of funk legends Zapp who helped spearhead the funk movement and heavily influenced West Coast Hip-Hop. Next to James Brown and George Clinton, Zapp & Roger are one of the heaviest sampled artists to date.

Troutman is still well known for his use of the talk box, a device that is connected to a keyboard, to create