UbuntuFM meets Dave O Rama

UbuntuFM | The LoveCast with Dave O Rama #Interviews | #Music | #LoveCast| #Music| #Radio| Dave O Rama | Interview with a schizophonic UbuntuFM's Ikenna Okeh linked up with David Owen Rama, the host and producer of the LoveCast show which is broadcasted on UbuntuFM Radio International every Saturday and Sunday from 3 till 6 PM. Get ready for an interesting read!

Ray Phiri: The Highland Drifter

UbuntuFM | Ray Phiri, the legendary South-African Jazz musician and founder of Stimela. #Feedback | #Artists | #SouthAfrica| #Music| Ray Phri| Stimela | Ray Phiri (1947-2017) Commemorative article by King Vusi Mavuthela on Ray Phiri (1947-2017) who passed on July 12, 2017. 

Music Videos: Art Form or Insanity?

UbuntuFM | Music Videos: Art Forms or Insanity? #Feedback | #Video | #Art| #Music | Art is a depiction of reality. Art is real. Art is NEVER an illusion. Everyone likes videos - nearly everyone. Heightened anticipation often greets the hint that the much-awaited video of some hip-hop single has dropped. This is the case with me.