Pushing boundaries

Liam Pek's Keep On Keeping On truly embodies the spirit of creativity and versatility. With each performance, Liam takes the audience on a captivating journey through various genres, seamlessly blending influences from blues, Latin, 70s pop, and jazz. His repertoire is not only diverse but also remarkably coherent, showcasing his ability to fearlessly explore new musical territories.


Singer, exhibition curator, curator of the 4th volume of Wizzz! French Psychorama 1966-1974, Barnabé Mons is an artist with an atypical career. He first rose to prominence in the rock scene in garage rock bands. He releases his first solo album Bunker Superstars. He unveils very personal compositions, neo-retro pop, retro-futurist, from pop, psychedelia, punk, bossa nova and groove.