Thomas Cuevas | 'Hacer el Amor'

Submitted by UbuntuFM on Tue, 05/29/2018 - 01:08
Thomas Cuevas | 'Hacer el Amor'

'Hacer el Amor' is rich of Latin rhythms and melancholy. A true tribute to Latin culture whether at home or in the diaspora. 

Finally, the dream. It was not in Chicago where he first appeared in the soul of Thomas Cuevas, but in the municipality of Carolina, Puerto Rico, the so-called Tierra Grande of Puerto Rican musicians, poets and artists, where in front of the baseball field in the neighbourhood, later becoming Los Gigantes de Carolina, the boy who once thought he was a ballplayer, heard and saw the reinvention of the Cuban son with the name salsa grow. And he dreamed of himself as a musician, jazzman and salsa singer.

One is born and lives as one can, but each one chooses to be who one is.

From the musical embrace of his childhood and the sinuosities of complex and difficult living, between the south and the north, an older Thomas Cuevas gives us his first phonogram in this one, the dream of a man who chose to honor his Latin American roots, and who with his own voice and lyrics, recreates for us the sounds of the southern geography where he directed his experienced steps to walk firmly in the Great Homeland, to which he owes himself. Thomas Cuevas warns and invites us to sing with everything and everyone. 

Se nace y se vive como se puede, pero cada cual escoge ser quien es.