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The diamond that is our soul
People say that babies, young kids, are like uncut diamonds, they just need polish. But that is not true.

It is exactly the opposite. We are born near perfect, most of us. It is because of the scratches, the trauma, that is inflicted upon our soul, because of the bad things, bad people, we experience in our lives, the diamond that is our soul becomes blurred, out of focus. 

People say that there is no way back. The damage is beyond repair, which is another lie. There always is, a way back home. It is just a matter of choice. It is just a matter of staying true to oneself, of finding out what is truly important, and what is not. And once that choice has been made, it is just a matter of walking down that road, that new pathway that has been opened up for us. 

It is because our soul doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to the universe, to God if you like, of whom we are all part of. We are no more than a vessel to contain, carry, that soul, like we are no more than a grain of sand on the beach of the cosmos. For as long as we treat the soul of others the way we would like them to treat our soul, all will be fine. Once we truly learn to understand this, that ‘giving’ implies ‘receiving’, not ‘taking’, there wouldn’t be any problem, because we already have it.

Our soul.

UbuntuFM | Sweet Lu Olutosin

UbuntuFM | Sweet Lu Olutosin

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