Poem from 'A Harvest Of Verses'

If you are yet sprightly,
But with fear saddled upon your heart;
Bearing weightily on your self-will
And encumbering your every step,
Then stand before a mirror and look closely
You will find that thou art no youth.

The diamond that is our soul
People say that babies, young kids, are like uncut diamonds, they just need polish. But that is not true.

It is exactly the opposite. We are born near perfect, most of us. It is because of the scratches, the trauma, that is inflicted upon our soul, because of the bad things, bad people, we experience in our lives, the diamond that is our soul becomes blurred, out of focus. 

For all the Lovers

People are capable of love many times over during their lifetime. We are capable of (re-)connecting to a fellow human being in a variety of ways, all of which are good if we are also allowed to disconnect.

A fascinating story about the human journey

Former Nat Geo Explorer-in-Residence Spencer Wells maps the history of human migration by analyzing the DNA of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

It's a fascinating story about the human journey. It's a story about us. No matter where you live, where you come from, where you are going. This story shows us that we all are one

Poem by Ikenna Okeh

In all of the universes
And in Time’s lengthy verses
It’s told in more times than once
That help waits upon those ones,
Whose hearts are set upon noble causes;

Peace of mind

Sometimes, I wish... I was someplace else, but this is my home...
Sometimes, I wish... I was someone else, but this is me...
Sometimes, I wish... I could do something else, but this is what I do...

This is my home, this is me, this is what I do