Marbin | "Fernweh"

Submitted by UbuntuFM on Sun, 10/31/2021 - 14:00
Marbin | Fernweh

Fernweh, a German word for 'wanderlust' that means specifically to be homesick for a place you've never been, is the perfect name for Marbin's 12th album, which focuses exclusively on jazz standards. Because these songs were written so long ago, and their origins span several continents, each and every song connects you to a different place and time—most of which are not places or time periods any of us have actually experienced.

For people who are only superficially familiar with Marbin's extensive catalog, this album seems like it came out left of field. After all, Marbin is known for their fiery, hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners, all-original jazz-rock-fusion, and this album is an all-acoustic traditional gypsy-swing album. However, Marbin fans know Rabin and Markovitch's roots remain deep within the jazz tradition, specifically within gypsy-jazz and swing. This album will be a listening staple for Marbin fans, who have been waiting for an album like this for many years; it will also be of interest to any fans of Django Reinhardt, Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, and jazz lovers in general.

Dani Rabin - guitar
Danny Markovitch - saxophone
Jon Nadel - bass
Mix and master - Brian Schwab