When they came, there was nobody to speak out for me.... Julian Assange: exiled, imprisoned, convicted? After many years they came for him. What makes you think they won't be coming for you. If not for your personal freedom, then at least for your civil liberties. There is historical precedent.
On book publishing and other affairs. Mr. Ali informs us on book publishing in Africa and his experiences in Europe in that field. When we shift themes, Mr. Ali unfolds his perspective on other matters like the digital revolution, secessionism, xenophobia, modern history, the role of governments, politicians, and intellectuals against an African-European backdrop.
Historical Truth. We, the people born between 1950-1980, we are the blessed ones. We are the awesome people. Our life is a living encyclopedia. We are also the last of a kind...
A shrewd politician, a visionary, or both?. As with most larger-than-life figures Pres. Nelson Mandela was controversial. We know of his achievements and follies. But what is his legacy? What will he be best remembered for?
On the deeper meaning of (mis)information. When the facts are too hard for us to bear, fiction may provide us with a comfortable alternative reality. And yet there are circumstances where both fact nor fiction matter. Because they are both beside the point.
The age old legal debate on religious freedoms is still relevant today. When we think about or talk about ‘freedom of speech', people’s opinions are mostly pretty clear-cut. Yes, we should be able to speak freely about what is on our mind, regardless of the topic, as long as we don’t infringe upon another human being to that same basic human right. With regard to ‘religious freedom’ or the right to exercise religious beliefs, our conversations spark heated debate.