Ikenna Okeh

An epic African story of adventure told in narrative verse. This is a saga of an African tribe who lived a long time ago; a very long time before the coming of the first Europeans to their part of the world. It is a narrative verse which finely blends the elements of prose and poetry to tell a story that takes the reader over distant lands, to bear witness to the exploits of a people whom the reader would never otherwise get to see.
Poem from 'A Harvest Of Verses'. If you are yet sprightly, But with fear saddled upon your heart; Bearing weightily on your self-will And encumbering your every step, Then stand before a mirror and look closely You will find that thou art no youth.
Poem by Ikenna Okeh. In all of the universes And in Time’s lengthy verses It’s told in more times than once That help waits upon those ones, Whose hearts are set upon noble causes;