Callie Cardamon | "Jump For Joy" #Releases #Jazz

UbuntuFM Jazz Radio | Callie Cardamon | "Jump For Joy" Authentic Jazz standards EP“Jump for Joy” is a small collection that refused to die. Shelved for more than ten years - after Callie released her second Jazz standards album - this new release delivers a fresh and authentic perspective on five Jazz standards. 

Louis Ville | “Eponyme” #Reviews #Pop

Louis Ville | “Eponyme” | UbuntuFM A collage of deep thinking, deep feeling, and deep music."Eponyme" is the latest release by Louis Ville, who has staked the roads of France and Europe with several hundred concerts. Over the years, his exceptional charisma has thrown his emotions into an ever denser audience that he carries with humor to the confines of his sensitive universe. "Eponyme" is a work of art that reminds us again of what makes La douce France great...

All This Huxley | "All This Huxley" #Reviews #Rock

All This Huxley | "All This Huxley" | UbuntuFM Eclectic indie albumThis eclectic indie album from All This Huxley shows off the band's considerable talent for pairing their erudite, dystopian lyrics with majestic guitars and insistent riffs, drawing inspiration from the likes of Modest Mouse, Tom Waits, Warren Zevon, The Districts, and old Wilco.

Barry Alexander King | "Leave It All Behind" #Releases #Pop

Barry Alexander King | "Leave It All Behind" | UbuntuFM World Radio Album releaseBarry Alexander King has delivered an album full of top-quality songwriting, hooks, lyrics, and production. Meaningful lyrics wrapped in entertaining music.  

This English troubadour definitely shows his Irish roots and heart in all 12 tracks on this album. "Leave It All Behind" was recorded in the USA, UK, and Germany and co-produced by top guitarist Justin Lewis and Grammy award-winning producer/engineer Tony Daigle (BB.King, Mark Knopfler) in Lafayette, Louisiana. With such pedigree, it is easy to understand why this album sounds so good. 

Girl Town | "Project Girl Town" #Releases #Soul

Girl Town | "Project Girl Town" | UbuntuFM Soul Radio EP releaseGirl Town is a generational project: father Jeff and daughter M'lissa. Together they have re-worked 5 classics into some very refreshing and new that will have appeal to all generations. 

Girl Town is a self-declared father-daughter 'hobby project'. Papa Jeff let his daughter M'lissa sing the songs of his generation. Well, that's a bit of understatement. Together, with the help of producer Jan van der Toorn they have completely re-worked 5 classic Soul, Jazz, and R&B tracks and succeeded in creating very refreshing versions of these well-known classics:

 A Motownesque re-work of Prince's classic hit track "Kiss" without the plump of for instance Tom Jones' cover version;

Roxana Amed | "Instantáneas" (Studio Live Sessions) #Releases #Jazz

Roxana Amed | Instantáneas, Studio Live Sessions | UbuntuFM World Radio album release8 intimate pieces by singer-songwriter Roxana Amed - recorded in different cities and with small ensembles - with a jazzy mood that distinguishes the singer when approaching popular music.

 Instantáneas, Studio Live Sessions is 7th production and a collection of songs by Buenos Aires, Argentina, native, singer-songwriter Roxana Amed. The album featured Roxana's own compositions in English and Spanish like 'Nosotros Dos', 'Lonely People', 'Home Is You' and 'Mi Casa Eres Tú'.

Personal Perspectives #3 | Johnny Clegg #Interviews #People

UbuntuFM | Johnny Clegg | Personal Perspectives #3 A personal perspective on Johnny Clegg, South-African musical icon and anti-apartheid activist.We had a sit down with Paolo Genovesi, global citizen, self-declared pro-Apartheid supporter, turned pan-Africanist.

Welcome to UbuntuFM, Paolo, and thank you for the opportunity to sit down with us. Every story has a beginning. Where did yours start? 

I have been always fascinated by travel and foreign cultures. Africa, in particular, has been so important in my life because of my granny who lived in Zimbabwe, then called Rhodesia. So I grew up with Africa and travel with Africa on my mind. 

Amy Winehouse | Love is a losing game #Feedback #Jazz

UbuntuFM | Amy Winehouse Reflections on a Jazz revelation. I never latched on to Amy Winehouse when she was still alive. I thought she was hyped too much at the time. Her music was too subtle to reach me thru the noise of the crowd.

Amy’s music is personal to the extreme. She lived the life she expressed in her songs. Her inner eye recorded all her feelings and emotions which she put into poetry, the lyrics of her songs.

Jazz was the vehicle, the means, the meme, to carry and translate the subtleties of her thoughts and feelings into music. It could only have been Jazz. No other genre could have encompassed her talent and creativity.

Suthukazi Arosi | Black and White #Footage #World

SUTHUKAZI AROSI | BLACK AND WHITE Youtube video by Suthukazi Arosi BLACK AND WHITE is a song about us - human beings with all the hatred that has turned against all humanity for centuries. Civilised as we are but still dwelling on racism.

'Black and White' is a track from the album "Naked" available on iTunes and our web store