Julia Werup | "The Thrill Is Gone"

Magnificent interpretation of a classic #Releases | #Jazz

Corona Checklist

Open source investigation by Maurice de Hond UbuntuFM | Corona Checklist by Maurice de Hond #Reports | #Society | We feature, as part of our Personal Perspectives series, an article by Maurice de Hond, Dutch pollster, and entrepreneur. Maurice has been actively monitoring and analyzing the Covid-19 paradigm and presents the conclusions of his research to date in this article: the Corona Checklist.

Nederland Ontwaakt!

De Corona Wet: een permanente staat van pandemie. UbuntuFM | Nederland Ontwaakt! #Reports | #Society | Nu ons land zich langzaamaan vrijmaakt uit de greep van de Corona lockdown, wordt er gewerkt aan wetgeving van tijdelijke aard, maar met een permanente strekking, die veel verder gaat dan de maatregelen die zijn genomen tijdens de lockdown.   

Africa’s unique opportunity for post-pandemic rejuvenation

By Dr. Mamphela Ramphele UbuntuFM | Africa’s unique opportunity for post-pandemic rejuvenation by Mamphela Ramphele #Feedback | #Society | It has taken a tiny organism, SARS-CoV-2, to get even the most conservative traditionalists to accept that state institutions are essential to mobilizing national resources to protect and promote the common good. The fragilities of neoliberal economics have been laid bare.


from 'A Harvest Of Verses' UbuntuFM | Thou Art No Youth | poem by Ikenna Okeh #Poetry | #Life | If you are yet sprightly, But with fear saddled upon your heart; Bearing weightily on your self-will And encumbering your every step, Then stand before a mirror and look closely You will find that thou art no youth.

Louis Ville | “Eponyme”

A collage of deep thinking, deep feeling, and deep music. Louis Ville | “Eponyme” | UbuntuFM #Reviews | #Pop

Guy Mapoko | "Pardon"

Album release Guy Mapoko | "Pardon" | UbuntuFM #Releases | #Rock | "Pardon" is the second release by Guy Mapoko. The 14 tracks on this album are an amalgamation of his West-African roots and the music of his second home, Canada.