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UbuntuFM | Language is Culture: interview with Maazi Ogbonnaya

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on the significance of language to a cultureMaazi Ogbonnaya is an academic, writer and translator of the Igbo language. His work aims at preserving and reviving the language & culture of one of Africa's largest ethnic groups. UbuntuFM reached out to Mr. Ogbonnaya for this exclusive interview.

The Igbo nation is one of the most populous of the indigenous African peoples almost equaling their population in the diaspora. The Igbo are an ethnic group native to the present-day south-central and south-eastern Nigeria. UbuntuFM's Ikenna Okeh recently recorded the interview with 'Maazi' Okoro Mark Ogbonnaya as follows:

It’s nice to get in touch with you, Maazi Ogbonnaya

It is my pleasure

Interview with Abubakar Adam Ibrahim | writer/journalist from Nigeria

UbuntuFM | Abubakar Adam Ibrahim - writer/journalist from Nigeria

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Personal Perspectives #2Personal Perspectives is an interview series, a platform on which we invite people to share their perspective on issues that affect us all.  UbuntuFM recently linked up with Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, writer, journalist and intellectual of note from Nigeria.  

Abubakar is a Nigerian writer and journalist. He is the author of the novel Season of Crimson Blossoms and the short story collection, The Whispering Trees. A 2013 Gabriel Garcia Marquez Fellow and 2015 Civitella Ranieri Fellow, he was shortlisted for The Caine Prize for African Writing, 2013 and won the BBC African Performance Prize, The Amatu Braide Prize for Prose. He is also listed in the

Interview with Ogoo

UbuntuFM | Ogoo | "Onye Isi Oma (The Lucky One)" | "You Are Mine"

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UbuntuFM Africa linked up with R&B singer Ogoo from NigeriaUbuntuFM gets in touch with Ogoo following the release of her latest single, ‘Onye Isi Oma (The Lucky One)’ and ‘You Are Mine’. In this exclusive interview with UbuntuFM’s Ikenna Okeh, Ogoo talks about being a music artist in modern Nigeria, her career, #MeToo and the effect of digi

Ogochukwu Oye better know as "Ogoo" grew up in a close-knit Nigerian family that hails from Awka in Anambra State. Years after practising law as a certified Barrister, Ogoo decided to pursue her first love and passion “Music”. Her passion for music has always been there since a baby. Her Mum told her that as a three-year-old, she would sing and dance with drummers whenever she hear drum beats. She

Interview with Richard Ali

UbuntuFM | Interview with Richard Ali

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Personal Perspectives #1: Richard Ali - book publisher and lawyer from NigeriaPersonal Perspectives is an interview series, a platform on which we invite people to share their perspective on issues that affect us all.  Recently UbuntuFM was privileged to sit down and speak with Richard Ali, book publisher and lawyer from Nigeria. 

Richard Ali was shortlisted for the John la Rose Short Story Competition (2008). He has participated in various writing workshops including the 2012 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop and the 2013 GRANTA/British Council Workshop.  Richard has served as Judge for the BN Poetry Award [Africa’s only Africa-wide poetry prize] and Rwanda’s Huza Press Short Story Prize and has been a Guest at

Writing for Nollywood

UbuntuFM | Darlington Chukwunyere, founder of Viddawood

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Interview with Darlington Chukwunyere, founder of ViddawoodUbuntuFM talked to Darlington Chukwunyere - founder of Viddawood - an online marketplace that connects screenwriters with movie producers; on issues relating to Nollywood, reasons for establishing Viddawood, the challenges of writing for the screen.

The name ‘Viddawood’ has been popping up lately within industry circles. So tell us, what is Viddawood, and what services does it have on offer?

Viddawood is a community of screenwriters who believe in making a positive impact on humanity through film. Our community is driven by a shared, collective responsibility and experience sharing. 

Every writer in Viddawood is gifted. Majority of

M.I. Abaga | "Ashes" (Aluu 4)

M.I. Abaga | "Ashes" (Aluu 4)

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Tribute song to a tragedy"4 young men died at the hands of a lynch mob on the 5th of October 2012. Whether or not their deaths will mean anything, or fade out of our minds as just another meaningless tragedy, is up to us and what we do from here on. I hope this song captures that message.

The Aluu 4 was a necklace lynching that involved four young men, Ugonna Obuzor, Toku Lloyd, Chiadika Biringa, and Tekena Elkanah, all students of the University of Port Harcourt. They were all lynched after they were falsely accused of theft in Aluu, a community in Ikwerre local government area, Rivers State, Nigeria on 5 October 2012. M.I. Abaga wrote Ashes in response to this tragedy. 


‘Biafra’ All Over Again

UbuntuFM | ‘Biafra’ All Over Again

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History is about to repeat itself.Between 1966 and 1970, Biafra was all over the news media for those old enough to remember. What was called a war, was in fact a genocide comparable to the Rwandan genocide of the 90’s or worse. Let's fast forward from 1966 to Sept 12, 2017.

The late 60’s were a period of international turmoil. The Vietnam War was on every household TV screen. Student protests met violent repercussions in many places. A time of cold war on the one side and détente on the other. Symbols of flower power, peace and love, competed with scenes of war atrocities in the news headlines.

Then this conflict flared up in a West-African backwater called Biafra

Interview with Ashman, Creation Artist

UbuntuFM | Interview with Ashman

#Interviews #HipHop #Nigeria Ashman

UbuntuFM’s Ikenna Okeh interviews West-African Hip-Hop artistUbuntuFM community contributor Ikenna Okeh interviews West-African Hip-Hop artist Ashman

Q: So, Ashman, I wouldn't be asking for an introduction; you're my homie, my dude from my hood. But for the benefit of those who do not know you so upclose, I ask that you do a little introduction of yourself.
A: Yaga!.. I'm Ashamole Christian Ifeanyi, popularly known as Ashman. I come from Ikeduru, Imo state in what's presently known as Nigeria. At the moment, I'm resident here in Ghana.



UbuntuFM | Biafra 50 years of Oil, Blood & Deprivation

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50 years of Oil, Blood & DeprivationThe story of the Biafra genocide is one of culturally incompatible and ideologically far-flung nations enclosed in a post-colonial contraption that started in late 60’s and continues up to this day.

Biafra: another template for the exploitation of the African soil and soul

The secessionist movement that emerged in Biafra in the years after Nigeria’s independence from its colonial ruler Britain, degraded into an all-out war in which millions were killed. The history books tell us that the Biafra conflict lasted from 1966 until 1970 and that is eventually was resolved in the surrender by the