Suthukazi Arosi | Black and White


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Youtube video by Suthukazi Arosi
BLACK AND WHITE is a song about us - human beings with all the hatred that has turned against all humanity for centuries. Civilised as we are but still dwelling on racism. God created us all with love and so beautifully without seeing any colour but embracing colour as his creation. The song is calling on all human beings to stop this mentality that is tearing us up - and our beautiful planet - from generation to generation.

The LoveCast

UbuntuFM | The LoveCast with Dave O Rama

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with Dave O Rama
The LoveCast with Dave O Rama is a syndicated weekly show on UbuntuFM World Radio.  Saturday, Sunday:  3-6PM Channel: WORLD

Prince | One Song (Dub)

Prince | One Song (Dub)

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<p>'One Song'&nbsp;is a lyric video presented on Love4OneAnother.com on January 1, 2000. It features a lengthy speech by Prince followed by "One Song." The song has never appeared on any other release besides Love 4 One Another. Lyric video by Sam Jennings.</p> <p>One song lyrics and prophetic words by Prince&nbsp;</p>

Mavuthela Music Rendezvous

UbuntuFM | Mavuthela Music Rendezvous

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with King Mavuthela
Radio Host and co-founder of UbuntuFM Radio Africa, King Vusi Mavuthela brings you music from the African continent and beyond!