Mike Casey’s sax shines like a fiery torch in the darkness

While the law of attraction lacks scientific evidence for its claims and is generally viewed as a pseudoscience, if there is such a thing as the law of attraction, then one of its traits must be the attraction to good music. At least, that would explain how we were drawn in by Mike Casey’s "Law Of Attraction". Casey's sax shines like a fiery torch in the darkness on every track.

Reflections on a Jazz revelation

Amy’s music is personal to the extreme. She lived the life she expressed in her songs. Her inner eye recorded all her feelings and emotions which she put into poetry, and the lyrics of her songs. Jazz was the vehicle, the means, the meme, to carry and translate the subtleties of her thoughts and feelings into music. It could only have been Jazz. No other genre could have encompassed her talent and creativity.

A love story

Jazz Is Dead is a global movement experienced through community and culture. They travel the world searching for rare records and the artists who created them, digging through the crates for the music and stories that capture our imagination and unite us, with a passion that is driven by honouring the legacies of these musical heroes through live concerts, visual media and new analog recordings.