Don't victimise yourself

Unless you truly, truly believe that you had no choice.

Don't victimize others, unless you truly, truly believe that they had no choice.

The Truth

Those who support a system are unable to encompass the Truth. - (elusive)

Who are we if we cannot agree to disagree?

To set aside irreconcilable differences, in order to maintain civil dialogue?

To agree that we all are different, whereas we all are one?

If we can understand each other, respect and loveoneanother.

Then it really doesn't matter who coined the phrase, or does it?

Our Lives are like Rivers

Our Lives are like Rivers, they All end up in the Sea.
- Ariel Dorfman

To give is to receive. To receive is to give



If You gave it all in the first place, You would have no problem... 
because You already had It.

Now.. when Ambition stands in Your Way You Will have a problem,
sooner or later, because You Will Never have it.

Can we avoid the inevitable?

History has a funny way of repeating itself.

Over and over again,

But never in exactly the same way...