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Bill King, Wayne McGhie & Pablo Paul | 'Promises'

UbuntuFM | Bill King, Wayne McGhie & Pablo Paul | 'Promises'

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The backstory to this track is as interesting as the track itselfIt was 1974, and Toronto was undergoing a cultural shift. The usual pop fare was starting to assimilate the rhythms of the Caribbean – not just Soca, and calypso – but a music known and beloved by those who immigrated from Jamaica called, ‘Reggae.’ 


Over a Forty-four year period, Bill King either stored in a garage, basement or transported fifteen 2” tape recordings, most absent track sheets, and recorded between 1974 to 1985. Some were jazz and others reggae and funk sessions with his various bands. 

Out of curiosity King had four of those 2" tapes baked (in order to attempt to preserve magnetic tapes you can bake

Bill King Quintet

UbuntuFM | Bill King Quintet | Night Passage Years – 1984-1986

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Night Passage Years – 1984-1986Between the years 1984-1986 Bill King recorded three sides, Ice, Avenue B and City of Dreams for his own label – Night Passage Music. Tracks from these Night Passage years have now been re-issued on this release.

King enlisted some of the finest Jazz musicians in Canada to launch the project; saxophonist Pat LaBarbera, bassist Dave Young, percussionists Dick Smith and Marty Morell along with up and coming vocal star, Liberty Silver. Amongst the numerous King original’s a few gems were added to showcase Silver’s vocal strengths – Stanley Turrentine’s, ‘Sugar', 'Loverman', Miles Davis’ 'Four' and the Billie

Bill King | 'Desert Orchid'

UbuntuFM | Bill King | 'Desert Orchid'

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single release 'Desert Orchid' paints a beautiful and delicate musical picture of the American southwest - the landscape, plant life, the verandas, and rugged people who live artfully amongst nature’s often hostile terrain.  Plateaus in the distance, the thousands of miles of blowing sand, the hars

Renowned New Mexico artist Deborah Samuels – “Desert Orchid contains the best of what the southwest is all about. Lovely and filled with such grace!”

“I’ve been exploring a variety of Spanish influenced themes with 2018 Grammy nominated violinist Elizabeth Rodriguez and Magdelys Savigne of jazz musician Jane Bunnett’s, all-Cuban women’s ensemble, Maqueque." - Bill King

Last year, under

The Uprising | Isle of Saints

UbuntuFM | Isle of Saints Latin Jazz album by Bill King, renowned Canadian pianist.

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Latin Jazz album by Bill King, renowned Canadian pianist." 'Isle of Saints' is an aural composite of all my travels throughout the [Caribbean] region as heard inside my head and felt in the heart." - Bill King

From Aruba to Barbados, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Dominica, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Virgin Islands, Tortola, Grand Cayman, Antiqua, San Blas, Panama, Jamaica,  Santa Domingo, - Cuba. In fact, the cover art was purchased in 1998 in Santa Domingo from a street vendor and proudly hangs from one of my music room walls. It’s credited to Haitian artist; Laurent Casimir, who passed in