The Fourth Estate

UbuntuFM | The Fourth Estate: on the signficance of journalism #Feedback | #Society | #Journalism| #FakeNews | On the role of journalism: facts vs. fake news The Fourth Estate, mostly referred to as ‘the press’, is the guardian of veritas and has a special obligation as such when compared to ‘bloggers’. Let’s discuss why it matters and why it has this in fact an extremely important role to fulfil.

Fact or fiction? When it matters and when not

UbuntuFM | Macauly | British colonial ruler in the 1800’s #Feedback | #Society | #History| #Colonialism| #FakeNews| #News| #Media | On the deeper meaning of (mis)information... When the facts are too hard for us to bare, fiction may provide us with a comfortable alternative reality. And yet there are circumstances where both fact nor fiction matters. Because they are both besides the point…