Thomas Cuevas | 'Hacer el Amor'

UbuntuFM | Thomas Cuevas | 'Hacer el Amor' #Releases | #Latin | #World| Thomas Cuevas | Se nace y se vive como se puede, pero cada cual escoge ser quien es. 'Hacer el Amor' is rich of Latin rhythms and melancholy. A true tribute to Latin culture whether at home or in the diaspora. 

YIRA | EP: "Besos de Miel"

UbuntuFM | YIRA | EP: "Besos de Miel" #Releases | #Latin | #Latin| #Pop| #PuertoRico | UbuntuFM featured artist: Yira! Like many music lovers of her generation, YIRA, a multi-talented artist from Puerto Rico, has a passion for both the emotional songwriting and the Latin music sounds. This newly released EP perfectly combines both elements. It will blow your mind!

The Battle of Santiago | La Migra

UbuntuFM | Battle Of Santiago | La Migra #Reviews | #Latin | | Long awaited new album release The title of The Battle of Santiago’s third release, La Migra, literally translates to ‘deportation police’.