Corona Checklist

UbuntuFM | Corona Checklist by Maurice de Hond

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Open source investigation by Maurice de HondWe feature, as part of our Personal Perspectives series, an article by Maurice de Hond, Dutch pollster, and entrepreneur. Maurice has been actively monitoring and analyzing the Covid-19 paradigm and presents the conclusions of his research to date in this article: the Corona Checklist.

I’m not a virologist or an epidemiologist. I was trained as a scientist. I graduated in 1971 and worked for a number of years as a scientific assistant at the University of Amsterdam. My specialization is research and statistics. I learned to program in 1965. I’ve been working on (big) data analyses for a long time. I am good at analyzing data, recognizing patterns. I am also good at logic. Was a

Nederland Ontwaakt!

UbuntuFM | Nederland Ontwaakt!

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De Corona Wet: een permanente staat van pandemie.Nu ons land zich langzaamaan vrijmaakt uit de greep van de Corona lockdown, wordt er gewerkt aan wetgeving van tijdelijke aard, maar met een permanente strekking, die veel verder gaat dan de maatregelen die zijn genomen tijdens de lockdown.   


De Corona Wet betekent een uitholling van onze democratie en roept de vraag op of er nog wel sprake kan is van een volwaardige democratie, aangezien ze ingrijpt op nagenoeg elk facet van het openbare en besloten leven in ons land. Deze draconische wet is van toepassing op de bestrijding van de epidemie, of een directe dreiging daarvan, maar herijkt de-facto onze samenleving naar ‘het

Student action against new privacy laws

UbuntuFM | Student action against new privacy laws | © Annelene Schulze/RTLNieuws

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Some things never change...Dutch students have gathered more than 300,000 signatures needed for a referendum on the new privacy laws that will go in effect on Jan 1, 2018. The new Information Act - signed into law earlier this year - is now meeting opposition from students.

The current Act on Information and Security Services dates back to 2002 and was in need of revision according to the Dutch legislature. The new ‘data tap’ act has already met severe opposition from human rights watch organisations, journalists, lawmakers, independent watchdog organisations and the European Commission for Human Rights.

Dutch lawmakers - in their infinite wisdom - have

Dutch Gov retracts citizenship from Jihadists

UbuntuFM | The duality of dual citizenship

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The duality of dual citizenshipThe Dutch Government has announced that it will retract the citizenship from four known Jihadists who took part in military actions under the IS banner in Syria. Now this may appear fair and reasonable at the surface but is there a catch to it...

Recently legislation in the Netherlands has been changed that allows for the government to retract citizenship from individuals that actively serve in foreign military and have a dual nationality. 

A sizeable portion of the Dutch population comprises of citizens with dual nationality. Mostly of Moroccan and Turkish descent. According to different sources somewhere between 200 and 500 people

Net Neutrality: Why It Matters

UbuntuFM | Image credit: Shuttersock: Johan Swampoel, Konstantin L., Mr. Doomitz

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Net Neutrality safeguards diversity and equal opportunity. It matters!Net Neutrality safeguards diversity and equal opportunity. It is a matter of personal freedom. It cannot be traded against profit. It matters.

The way information flows through the internet is much like how water flows through a river.

A river system has main streams, side streams. It meanders through the landscape. It is occasionally blocked by dams (firewalls) or overflows into floodplains (buffers). The river provides us with water much like the internet provides us with information.

Now imagine you would have to pay extra for