Personal Perspectives #3 | Johnny Clegg

UbuntuFM | Johnny Clegg | Personal Perspectives #3

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A personal perspective on Johnny Clegg, South-African musical icon and anti-apartheid activist.We had a sit down with Paolo Genovesi, global citizen, self-declared pro-Apartheid supporter, turned pan-Africanist.

Welcome to UbuntuFM, Paolo, and thank you for the opportunity to sit down with us. Every story has a beginning. Where did yours start? 

I have been always fascinated by travel and foreign cultures. Africa, in particular, has been so important in my life because of my granny who lived in Zimbabwe, then called Rhodesia. So I grew up with Africa and travel with Africa on my mind. 

By sheer luck

Mandela | The Legacy

Mandela | The Legacy | Pres. Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

#Feedback #People #Ubuntu Nelson Mandela

A shrewd politician or a visionary or both? As with most larger-than-life figures Pres. Nelson Mandela was controversial. We know of his achievements and follies. But what is his legacy? What will he be best remembered for?

Nelson Mandela had a brief membership in the South African Communist Party and a long-term alliance thereafter with the Communist Party. He was at varying times a black nationalist and a non-racialist, an opponent of armed struggle and an advocate of violence, a hothead and the calmest man in the room, a consumer of Marxist tracts and an admirer of Western democracy, a close partner of Communists

Rootikal interview

UbuntuFM | Rootikal Radio | Selector TKZ

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Interview with the host of Rootikal Radio | Selector TKZAs UbuntuFM Reggae Radio welcomes the Rootikal Radio show to its roster, we had a sit down and chat with show host Selector TKZ aka TangoKiloZulu.  

Greetings Selector, welcome to UbuntuFM Reggae! As we are looking forward to feature your show on our radio, we'd like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our listeners and readers. First off - the root - How did you first get into Reggae-related music, and why has it become such an important part of your life?

TKZ: I always loved music and can´t imagine a life without it. Being a kid

The Prince of Music

Prince | The Prince of Music | Image credit: USA Today

#Feedback #People Prince

Reflections on the artist formerly known as PrinceI think I must have been 15,16 years of age when Prince’s music entered my life. His music came on a cassette tape a friend gave to me. “Hey man, listen to this!!” So I did. And so did the music enter my mind and opened up doors that would never close again.

The doors I subsequently entered would alter my state of being. The music I experienced set me on a journey of exploration. An exploration of music and of the soul. I would become aware of my surroundings in a totally different manner.

Thus far I had had a keen interest in music. Somehow. My family has somewhat of a musical tradition, that somehow skipped a generation with my parents. I blame

Woman to Woman | Winnie Madikizela Mandela

UbuntuFM | Winnie Mandela | Woman to Woman | Suthukazi Arosi

#Feedback #People #SouthAfrica Winnie Mandela

Thoughts on Winnie Mandela by Suthukazi Arosi Winnie Nomzamo Zanyiwe Madikizela Mandela. Through the window we all looked and have decided without knowing the exact truth.

Destiny finds me in my beloved, my soul mate, my husband the father of my children in flesh. Yes, we were separated but in spirit we are one and united at last, when all was decided by mankind to break our ties. Through the window they controlled my destiny.

I never give up as I know my destiny. I strongly believed in my fearlessness and the power of my words. I am Winnie Madikizela Mandela. I

Interview with Richard Ali

UbuntuFM | Interview with Richard Ali

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Personal Perspectives #1: Richard Ali - book publisher and lawyer from NigeriaPersonal Perspectives is an interview series, a platform on which we invite people to share their perspective on issues that affect us all.  Recently UbuntuFM was privileged to sit down and speak with Richard Ali, book publisher and lawyer from Nigeria. 

Richard Ali was shortlisted for the John la Rose Short Story Competition (2008). He has participated in various writing workshops including the 2012 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop and the 2013 GRANTA/British Council Workshop.  Richard has served as Judge for the BN Poetry Award [Africa’s only Africa-wide poetry prize] and Rwanda’s Huza Press Short Story Prize and has been a Guest at

Writing for Nollywood

UbuntuFM | Darlington Chukwunyere, founder of Viddawood

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Interview with Darlington Chukwunyere, founder of ViddawoodUbuntuFM talked to Darlington Chukwunyere - founder of Viddawood - an online marketplace that connects screenwriters with movie producers; on issues relating to Nollywood, reasons for establishing Viddawood, the challenges of writing for the screen.

The name ‘Viddawood’ has been popping up lately within industry circles. So tell us, what is Viddawood, and what services does it have on offer?

Viddawood is a community of screenwriters who believe in making a positive impact on humanity through film. Our community is driven by a shared, collective responsibility and experience sharing. 

Every writer in Viddawood is gifted. Majority of

The Awesome People

UbuntuFM | The Awesome People

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Historical Truth We, the people born between 1950-1980, we are the blessed ones... We are the awesome people... Our life is a living encyclopaedia... We are also the last of a kind...

When we were kids, while playing and riding rented bicycles, we never bothered to wear helmets. We played marbles, 'diketo', dodging, skipping ropes. We played with other kids, not with computers.

After school time we played till dusk or until our mom called us in to eat. 
We never watched the world via the Tube or by locking up ourselves in our room.

We played only with our real friends

Sankara's Ghost

Thomas Sankara | Africa's Che Guevara

#Footage #People #Africa #History Burkina Faso Thomas Sankara

Thomas Sankara (1949 -1987) Thomas Sankara, President of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987, continues to live on in the memory of his people. What is Sankara's legacy and what can we learn from it today?

If we are under the perception that Africa’s problems are so huge, complex and diverse…
Where to start…? How to establish real change…? How to improve the people's lives and futures…?

This documentary about Thomas Sankara - Burkina Faso’s President from 1983 to 1987 - may well reveal that our perceptions are in fact misconceptions...

Thomas Sankara became president of Burkina Faso after a