Re-think Global Warming

UbuntuFM | Re-think Global Warming

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Are we able to rethink ourselves?The global warming debate keeps on popping in and out of our news headlines. It involves us all, yet not all of us are involved. Why?

Scientists are just like ordinary people. They have dreams, ambitions, and nightmares. They have strength of character and character flaws. Scientists seek the truth, yearn for it, and yet they do lie. Scientists can be spot on and totally beyond the point. So is science.

Science is a reflection, a recollection, and a repository of the collective effort of humanity in its exploration and

The Fourth Estate

UbuntuFM | The Fourth Estate: on the signficance of journalism

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On the role of journalism: facts vs. fake newsThe Fourth Estate, mostly referred to as ‘the press’, is the guardian of veritas and has a special obligation as such when compared to ‘bloggers’. Let’s discuss why it matters and why it has this in fact an extremely important role to fulfil.

The term ‘Fourth Estate’ makes implicit reference to the earlier historical division of the Three Estates of the Realm: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners. The equivalent term ‘fourth power’, used in many European languages as it historically belongs to European constitutional lore dating back to the time of the Roman Empire, refers to the separation of powers into legislative, executive

The Global War on Humanity

UbuntuFM The Global War on Humanity

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A brave new worldThe COVID drama that has been unfolding across the globe over the last six months marks the start of a new era, the global war on humanity. Here’s why.

Corona Checklist

UbuntuFM | Corona Checklist by Maurice de Hond

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Open source investigation by Maurice de HondWe feature, as part of our Personal Perspectives series, an article by Maurice de Hond, Dutch pollster, and entrepreneur. Maurice has been actively monitoring and analyzing the Covid-19 paradigm and presents the conclusions of his research to date in this article: the Corona Checklist.

I’m not a virologist or an epidemiologist. I was trained as a scientist. I graduated in 1971 and worked for a number of years as a scientific assistant at the University of Amsterdam. My specialization is research and statistics. I learned to program in 1965. I’ve been working on (big) data analyses for a long time. I am good at analyzing data, recognizing patterns. I am also good at logic. Was a

Nederland Ontwaakt!

UbuntuFM | Nederland Ontwaakt!

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De Corona Wet: een permanente staat van pandemie.Nu ons land zich langzaamaan vrijmaakt uit de greep van de Corona lockdown, wordt er gewerkt aan wetgeving van tijdelijke aard, maar met een permanente strekking, die veel verder gaat dan de maatregelen die zijn genomen tijdens de lockdown.   


De Corona Wet betekent een uitholling van onze democratie en roept de vraag op of er nog wel sprake kan is van een volwaardige democratie, aangezien ze ingrijpt op nagenoeg elk facet van het openbare en besloten leven in ons land. Deze draconische wet is van toepassing op de bestrijding van de epidemie, of een directe dreiging daarvan, maar herijkt de-facto onze samenleving naar ‘het

Africa’s unique opportunity for post-pandemic rejuvenation

UbuntuFM | Africa’s unique opportunity for post-pandemic rejuvenation by Mamphela Ramphele

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By Dr. Mamphela RampheleIt has taken a tiny organism, SARS-CoV-2, to get even the most conservative traditionalists to accept that state institutions are essential to mobilizing national resources to protect and promote the common good. The fragilities of neoliberal economics have been laid bare.

Institutional capacity in public health care systems, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies, as well as the capacity of the state to commandeer production of essential goods and services, have become decisive interventions in this pandemic. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose conservative government had for years underfunded the public sector, confirmed this unequivocally when he

Mugabe's Ghost?

UbuntuFM | Mugabe's Ghost?

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How much is present day Zimbabwe affected by Mugabe's legacy?Zimbabwe is currently in a state of upheaval as it is facing a national shutdown organised by anti-government citizen groups and human rights activists, which in return resulted in the crackdown of the government on its opposition and the shutdown of internet access to the country.

Amidst recent social upheaval, internet shutdown and government crackdown we tried to find an answer to the question whether Zimbabwe’s current woes are the product of former president Robert Mugabe’s ghost still lingering in the battered country. For this we delved into the country’s recent history ending up interviewing the leader of the Tajamuka social justice movement, Mr. Promise Mkwananzi.

I Am A Woman

UbuntuFM | Suthukazi Arosi | I Am A Woman - So What?

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So What? When I'm quiet, millions of things run through my mind. When I stare at you, I wonder why I love you so much, in spite of being taken for granted. I am like salt. My presence is never remembered, but my absence makes all things tasteless...

I AM A WOMAN, So what?

I get into an argument with a man, he slaps me. I feel the pain, yet they tell me I provoked him. I should have been quiet. I should have been patient. I should apologise to him.

I get into an argument with a man, I slap him. They tell me I have no respect, no home training. I should have been quiet, I should have been patient. I should apologise to him. Because I am a

The Race To The Bottom

UbuntuFM | The race for the bottom

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What forces drive the race?The race to the bottom in terms of economics is one for attaining the lowest cost, whilst retaining or increasing the highest margin of profit. Who is profiting from this race and at whose expense? Is it sustainable? What forces drive the race?

Ever since ‘globalisation’ surfaced as a news meme in the late 70’s and early 80’s it has become synonymous to retracting and migrating labor forces from developed countries towards underdeveloped countries. While developed economies made a transition to service and hight-tech economies, millions of people were employed by low-tech labor elsewhere, raising living standards whilst increasing the