• Re-think Global Warming

    UbuntuFM | Re-think Global Warming #Feedback | #Society | #GlobalWarming| #Politics| #Humanity| #Economy | Are we able to rethink ourselves? The global warming debate keeps on popping in and out of our news headlines. It involves us all, yet not all of us are involved. Why?
  • The Fourth Estate

    UbuntuFM | The Fourth Estate: on the signficance of journalism #Feedback | #Society | #Journalism| #FakeNews | On the role of journalism: facts vs. fake news The Fourth Estate, mostly referred to as ‘the press’, is the guardian of veritas and has a special obligation as such when compared to ‘bloggers’. Let’s discuss why it matters and why it has this in fact an extremely important role to fulfil.
  • Mugabe's Ghost?

    UbuntuFM | Mugabe's Ghost? #Interviews | #Society | #Zimbabwe| #Tajamuka| #Mugabe| #Mnangagwa | How much is present day Zimbabwe affected by Mugabe's legacy? Zimbabwe is currently in a state of upheaval as it is facing a national shutdown organised by anti-government citizen groups and human rights activists, which in return resulted in the crackdown of the government on its opposition and the shutdown of internet access to the country.
  • I Am A Woman

    UbuntuFM | Suthukazi Arosi | I Am A Woman - So What? #Feedback | #Society | #WomensRights | So What? When I'm quiet, millions of things run through my mind. When I stare at you, I wonder why I love you so much, in spite of being taken for granted. I am like salt. My presence is never remembered, but my absence makes all things tasteless...
  • The Race To The Bottom

    UbuntuFM | The race for the bottom #Feedback | #Society | #Globalization| #Economy | What forces drive the race? The race to the bottom in terms of economics is one for attaining the lowest cost, whilst retaining or increasing the highest margin of profit. Who is profiting from this race and at whose expense? Is it sustainable? What forces drive the race?
  • Student action against new privacy laws

    UbuntuFM | Student action against new privacy laws | © Annelene Schulze/RTLNieuws #Reports | #Society | #NetNeutrality| #Privacy | Some things never change... Dutch students have gathered more than 300,000 signatures needed for a referendum on the new privacy laws that will go in effect on Jan 1, 2018. The new Information Act - signed into law earlier this year - is now meeting opposition from students.
  • Dutch Gov retracts citizenship from Jihadists

    UbuntuFM | The duality of dual citizenship #Reports | #Society | #Citizenship| #Law | The duality of dual citizenship The Dutch Government has announced that it will retract the citizenship from four known Jihadists who took part in military actions under the IS banner in Syria. Now this may appear fair and reasonable at the surface but is there a catch to it...
  • ‘Biafra’ All Over Again

    UbuntuFM | ‘Biafra’ All Over Again #Feedback | #Society | #Biafra| #Nigeria| #Africa | History is about to repeat itself. Between 1966 and 1970, Biafra was all over the news media for those old enough to remember. What was called a war, was in fact a genocide comparable to the Rwandan genocide of the 90’s or worse. Let's fast forward from 1966 to Sept 12, 2017.
  • Teaching is a virtue

    UbuntuFM | Teaching is a virtue #Feedback | #Society | #Teaching | It implies a moral code Teachers, like doctors, public workers, policemen and clergymen have an important role to fulfil in society. Some take an oath, others swear allegiance to underline the significance of their task. But what about teachers?
  • Net Neutrality: Why It Matters

    UbuntuFM | Image credit: Shuttersock: Johan Swampoel, Konstantin L., Mr. Doomitz #Reports | #Society | #NetNeutrality | Net Neutrality safeguards diversity and equal opportunity. It matters! Net Neutrality safeguards diversity and equal opportunity. It is a matter of personal freedom. It cannot be traded against profit. It matters.