Louis Ville | “Eponyme”

Louis Ville | “Eponyme” | UbuntuFM #Reviews | #Pop | #Jazz| #France| Louis Ville | Album review. A collage of deep thinking, deep feeling, and deep music. "Eponyme" is the latest release by Louis Ville, who has staked the roads of France and Europe with several hundred concerts.

Barry Alexander King | "Leave It All Behind"

Barry Alexander King | "Leave It All Behind" | UbuntuFM World Radio #Releases | #Pop | #AdultContemporary| Barry Alexander King | Album release Barry Alexander King has delivered an album full of top-quality songwriting, hooks, lyrics, and production. Meaningful lyrics wrapped in entertaining music.  

Leah Capelle | "Giants" EP

UbuntuFM | Leah Capelle | "Giants" EP #Releases | #Pop | | The highly anticipated follow-up EP "Giants" is officially dropped! In Capelle’s own words: “I want people who listen to my music to feel like they know me.

Maura Shaftoe | "Make Me A Memory"

UbuntuFM | Maura Shaftoe | "Make Me A Memory" #Releases | #Pop | #Jazz| Maura Shaftoe | Maura’s fourth album, Make Me a Memory, invites us to be in the present moment, and to live with no regrets. Singer Songwriter Maura Shaftoe has been making beautiful noise for over twenty years.