A new pathway for Nigerian crime fiction. A book review of ‘Rogues of the East’ by Ebri Kowaki - How Ikenna Okeh has cleared a new pathway for Nigerian crime fiction. Daring and imaginative Nigerian novelists have published crime novels every other year since 2010. Like dynamite going off underwater, it is creating a great splash. And that splash is what this review analyses.
. Coming from the Moroccan desert, the smell of the souk impregnated in their sandy clothes, Abdul & The Gang unleash irrepressible Beldi rhythms and unbreathable Funk grooves. The Roland E-40 Oriental synthesizer and its 1/4 tone as a weapon of choice, it is with an injunction to dance that the Gang steals the dance-floor. Deep in the groove, like a trance that slowly releases its power, a heritage from the desert.
A fountain of musical youth. The Rolling Stones have made a record you’ll want to play more than once — seriously. They haven't sounded this on top of their game in about half a century. The first Stones album in ages you’ll want to crank more than once before filing away.
French melancholy, unbreakable African spirit. Philosophical tales, poetic observations, light- hearted love stories are told in French, Spanish or Wolof, a West-African native language. Beneath El Gato Negro's perpetually cheerful mask, a hitherto hidden melancholy is now on full display with his new opus, "Tigre Qui Pleure". French melancholy laced with an unbreakable African spirit
So Much Music. 'Fantastic Freeriding – The Journey Continues,' the latest label compilation showcases the vibrant tapestry of the current artist collective. This compilation is a must-have for any music lover who appreciates cutting-edge artistry and boundary-pushing creativity. Bravo to all involved in creating such an exceptional musical journey!
A shift against impunity for genocide. Pretoria is challenging the Israeli government’s claim to innocence, which for far too long has allowed it to act with impunity against the long-suffering Palestinians. South Africa’s quite stunning intervention is bringing legal proceedings against the state of Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, Netherlands, under the auspice of The Genocide Convention.