A healthy diet of Americana. "Twang-Ucopia" (Balanced Diet) is the debut release of New Copasetics, a quartet of veteran players with ridiculous credits and a curated playlist of originals and select covers from seminal artists such as Rockpile (Nick Lowe & Dave Edmunds), Ry Cooder, Delbert McClinton, Gary Nicholson, Little Feat, Don Covay, The Simms Twins, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, Manual Galban and L. D. Armstrong.
Non-conformist. Singer, exhibition curator, curator of the 4th volume of Wizzz! French Psychorama 1966-1974, Barnabé Mons is an artist with an atypical career. He first rose to prominence in the rock scene in garage rock bands. He releases his first solo album Bunker Superstars. He unveils very personal compositions, neo-retro pop, retro-futurist, from pop, psychedelia, punk, bossa nova and groove.
Powerful and inspiring. Cynthia Thijs Coenraad's album "Walk Your Own Line" is powerful and inspiring! With tracks like "Stand Up For Your Rights," "Open Your Arms," and "We Still Believe in You," Cynthia showcases her incredible talent as a jazz vocalist. With uplifting melodies that open your arms and embrace your spirit, this album is a true gem.
It may be that Europeans and Africans have more common ground than they would like to think, much rather admit.. While the war in Ukraine rages on, another brews in the West African country of Niger Republic. The crisis began July 26 2023 when soldiers deposed President Mohammed Bazoum in a coup and closed the country’s borders, citing corruption, high treason and an undermining of the country’s security. Against this backdrop the following conversation between two gentlemen ensued:
Epic. In her 2015 TED x Berlin Talk, Mallence Bart-Williams shared a truth that not only deeply resonated with people across the globe, but many felt compelled to share. So do we. Today Mallence's TED Talk has become an integral part of academic curricula of universities and high schools in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas as a timeless piece of essential truth.
Think warriors reporting from the battlefield. "Understand What Black Is" by The Last Poets is an album that matters - not just musically, but as a record of the times we're living in. The Last Poets are weathervanes, warning of the future and past sins in poems that are indivisible from the rhythms they are voiced on.