• Africa’s unique opportunity for post-pandemic rejuvenation

    By Dr. Mamphela Ramphele UbuntuFM | Africa’s unique opportunity for post-pandemic rejuvenation by Mamphela Ramphele #Feedback | #Society | It has taken a tiny organism, SARS-CoV-2, to get even the most conservative traditionalists to accept that state institutions are essential to mobilizing national resources to protect and promote the common good. The fragilities of neoliberal economics have been laid bare.
  • Callie Cardamon | "Jump For Joy"

    Authentic Jazz standards EP UbuntuFM Jazz Radio | Callie Cardamon | "Jump For Joy" #Releases | #Jazz | “Jump for Joy” is a small collection that refused to die. Shelved for more than ten years - after Callie released her second Jazz standards album - this new release delivers a fresh and authentic perspective on five Jazz standards. 

    from 'A Harvest Of Verses' UbuntuFM | Thou Art No Youth | poem by Ikenna Okeh #Poetry | #Life | If you are yet sprightly, But with fear saddled upon your heart; Bearing weightily on your self-will And encumbering your every step, Then stand before a mirror and look closely You will find that thou art no youth.
  • Louis Ville | “Eponyme”

    Album review. A collage of deep thinking, deep feeling, and deep music. Louis Ville | “Eponyme” | UbuntuFM #Reviews | #Pop | "Eponyme" is the latest release by Louis Ville, who has staked the roads of France and Europe with several hundred concerts.
  • Guy Mapoko | "Pardon"

    Album release Guy Mapoko | "Pardon" | UbuntuFM #Releases | #Rock | "Pardon" is the second release by Guy Mapoko. The 14 tracks on this album are an amalgamation of his West-African roots and the music of his second home, Canada.
  • All This Huxley | "All This Huxley"

    Album release All This Huxley | "All This Huxley" | UbuntuFM #Releases | #Rock | This eclectic indie album from All This Huxley shows off the band's considerable talent for pairing their erudite, dystopian lyrics with majestic guitars and insistent riffs, drawing inspiration from the likes of Modest Mouse, Tom Waits, Warren Zevon, The Districts, and old Wilco.
  • Barry Alexander King | "Leave It All Behind"

    Album release Barry Alexander King | "Leave It All Behind" | UbuntuFM World Radio #Releases | #Pop | Barry Alexander King has delivered an album full of top-quality songwriting, hooks, lyrics, and production. Meaningful lyrics wrapped in entertaining music.  
  • Girl Town | "Project Girl Town"

    EP release Girl Town | "Project Girl Town" | UbuntuFM Soul Radio #Releases | #Soul | Girl Town is a generational project: father Jeff and daughter M'lissa. Together they have re-worked 5 classics into some very refreshing and new that will have appeal to all generations. 
  • Roxana Amed | "Instantáneas" (Studio Live Sessions)

    album release Roxana Amed | Instantáneas, Studio Live Sessions | UbuntuFM World Radio #Releases | #Jazz | 8 intimate pieces by singer-songwriter Roxana Amed - recorded in different cities and with small ensembles - with a jazzy mood that distinguishes the singer when approaching popular music.