• Suthukazi Arosi | Black and White

    Youtube video by Suthukazi Arosi SUTHUKAZI AROSI | BLACK AND WHITE #Footage | #World | BLACK AND WHITE is a song about us - human beings with all the hatred that has turned against all humanity for centuries. Civilised as we are but still dwelling on racism.
  • Album review | Meet Me At The Crossroads

    Sweet Lu Olutosin released a very entertaining Soul-Jazz album UbuntuFM | Sweet Lu Olutosin | Meet Me At The Crossroads #Reviews | #Soul | With a Billboard #1 Traditional Jazz album to his credit and a mission to rejuvenate the souls of audiences everywhere, "Sweet Lu" Olutosin continues to shine the light of his 'spirit music' with his latest release "Meet Me At The Crossroads".
  • Mugabe's Ghost?

    How much is present day Zimbabwe affected by Mugabe's legacy? UbuntuFM | Mugabe's Ghost? #Interviews | #Society | Zimbabwe is currently in a state of upheaval as it is facing a national shutdown organised by anti-government citizen groups and human rights activists, which in return resulted in the crackdown of the government on its opposition and the shutdown of internet access to the country.
  • Leah Capelle | "Giants" EP

    The highly anticipated follow-up EP "Giants" is officially dropped! UbuntuFM | Leah Capelle | "Giants" EP #Releases | #Pop | In Capelle’s own words: “I want people who listen to my music to feel like they know me.
  • Eric Bibb | Global Griot

    A message from the global messenger UbuntuFM | Eric Bibb | Global Griot #Reviews | #World | Master Chef Bibb is serving us so many different dishes and flavours with this release - 24 in total - that there is simply no way of denying or disliking what he has on offer. 
  • Interview with Abubakar Adam Ibrahim | writer/journalist from Nigeria

    Personal Perspectives #2 UbuntuFM | Abubakar Adam Ibrahim - writer/journalist from Nigeria #Interviews | #Writers | Personal Perspectives is an interview series, a platform on which we invite people to share their perspective on issues that affect us all.  UbuntuFM recently linked up with Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, writer, journalist and intellectual of note from Nigeria.  
  • Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics

    Funky Soulsteady Beat from Washington D.C. & Belgium UbuntuFM | Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics #Releases | #Soul | The Badasonics mixes Soul and Funk together with Jamaican riddims and horns with the soulful rock and Reggae voice of Caz Gardiner to deliver a pulsating party of soul steady beats.
  • Re-think Global Warming

    Are we able to rethink ourselves? UbuntuFM | Re-think Global Warming #Feedback | #Society | The global warming debate keeps on popping in and out of our news headlines. It involves us all, yet not all of us are involved. Why?
  • Bill King, Wayne McGhie & Pablo Paul | 'Promises'

    The backstory to this track is as interesting as the track itself UbuntuFM | Bill King, Wayne McGhie & Pablo Paul | 'Promises' #Releases | #Reggae | It was 1974, and Toronto was undergoing a cultural shift. The usual pop fare was starting to assimilate the rhythms of the Caribbean – not just Soca, and calypso – but a music known and beloved by those who immigrated from Jamaica called, ‘Reggae.’