• Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics

    Funky Soulsteady Beat from Washington D.C. & Belgium UbuntuFM | Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics #Releases | #Soul | The Badasonics mixes Soul and Funk together with Jamaican riddims and horns with the soulful rock and Reggae voice of Caz Gardiner to deliver a pulsating party of soul steady beats.
  • Re-think Global Warming

    Are we able to rethink ourselves? UbuntuFM | Re-think Global Warming #Feedback | #Society | The global warming debate keeps on popping in and out of our news headlines. It involves us all, yet not all of us are involved. Why?
  • Bill King, Wayne McGhie & Pablo Paul | 'Promises'

    The backstory to this track is as interesting as the track itself UbuntuFM | Bill King, Wayne McGhie & Pablo Paul | 'Promises' #Releases | #Reggae | It was 1974, and Toronto was undergoing a cultural shift. The usual pop fare was starting to assimilate the rhythms of the Caribbean – not just Soca, and calypso – but a music known and beloved by those who immigrated from Jamaica called, ‘Reggae.’ 
  • Jimi Hendrix | Band of Gypsys

    Featured on UbuntuFM World Radio UbuntuFM | Jimi Hendrix | Band of Gypsys (1970) #Releases | #Blues | Band of Gypsys is a live album and Jimi's first without the Experience. Recorded at Fillmore East NYC - dec 31 - jan 2, 1970 with a new line-up of musiciians.
  • "I Love You": a bedtime story

    For all the Lovers Michelangelo | The Creation Of Adam #Feedback | #Life | Once upon a time, I was involved with a lady of nondescript origin. "An affair" I would say; "More than an affair" she would say.
  • Bill King Quintet

    Night Passage Years – 1984-1986 UbuntuFM | Bill King Quintet | Night Passage Years – 1984-1986 #Releases | #Jazz | Between the years 1984-1986 Bill King recorded three sides, Ice, Avenue B and City of Dreams for his own label – Night Passage Music. Tracks from these Night Passage years have now been re-issued on this release.
  • Heather Bambrick | You'll Never Know

    The Real Deal UbuntuFM | Heather Bambrick | You'll Never Know #Releases | #Jazz | "Wow, you’re the real deal!” this kind of praise is what Canada's JUNO-nominated Jazz vocalist Heather Bambrick consistently receives from fellow musicians. Critics love her, as well. “Heather hits every right note”, says Mark Rheume of CBC Radio.
  • Rootikal interview

    Interview with the host of Rootikal Radio | Selector TKZ UbuntuFM | Rootikal Radio | Selector TKZ #Interviews | #People | As UbuntuFM Reggae Radio welcomes the Rootikal Radio show to its roster, we had a sit down and chat with show host Selector TKZ aka TangoKiloZulu.  
  • Reggae Workers of the World | RWW II

    Old School Reggae, Rhythm & Blues from New York, Los Angeles & Charleroi UbuntuFM | Reggae Workers of the World | RWW II #Releases | #Reggae | Reggae music went through various stages of development whereby traditional Jamaican folk music blended with US Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and Soul. ‘Rudie Blues’, ‘Ska’, ‘Blue Beat’, ‘RockSteady’ to form the root of Reggae as we have come to know it.