• Jimi Hendrix | Band of Gypsys

    Featured on UbuntuFM World Radio UbuntuFM | Jimi Hendrix | Band of Gypsys (1970) #Releases | #Blues | Band of Gypsys is a live album and Jimi's first without the Experience. Recorded at Fillmore East NYC - dec 31 - jan 2, 1970 with a new line-up of musiciians.
  • "I Love You": a bedtime story

    For all the Lovers Michelangelo | The Creation Of Adam #Feedback | #Life | Once upon a time, I was involved with a lady of nondescript origin. "An affair" I would say; "More than an affair" she would say.
  • Bill King Quintet

    Night Passage Years – 1984-1986 UbuntuFM | Bill King Quintet | Night Passage Years – 1984-1986 #Releases | #Jazz | Between the years 1984-1986 Bill King recorded three sides, Ice, Avenue B and City of Dreams for his own label – Night Passage Music. Tracks from these Night Passage years have now been re-issued on this release.
  • Heather Bambrick | You'll Never Know

    The Real Deal UbuntuFM | Heather Bambrick | You'll Never Know #Releases | #Jazz | "Wow, you’re the real deal!” this kind of praise is what Canada's JUNO-nominated Jazz vocalist Heather Bambrick consistently receives from fellow musicians. Critics love her, as well. “Heather hits every right note”, says Mark Rheume of CBC Radio.
  • Rootikal interview

    Interview with the host of Rootikal Radio | Selector TKZ UbuntuFM | Rootikal Radio | Selector TKZ #Interviews | #People | As UbuntuFM Reggae Radio welcomes the Rootikal Radio show to its roster, we had a sit down and chat with show host Selector TKZ aka TangoKiloZulu.  
  • Reggae Workers of the World | RWW II

    Old School Reggae, Rhythm & Blues from New York, Los Angeles & Charleroi UbuntuFM | Reggae Workers of the World | RWW II #Releases | #Reggae | Reggae music went through various stages of development whereby traditional Jamaican folk music blended with US Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and Soul. ‘Rudie Blues’, ‘Ska’, ‘Blue Beat’, ‘RockSteady’ to form the root of Reggae as we have come to know it.
  • Thomas Cuevas | 'Hacer el Amor'

    Se nace y se vive como se puede, pero cada cual escoge ser quien es. UbuntuFM | Thomas Cuevas | 'Hacer el Amor' #Releases | #Latin | 'Hacer el Amor' is rich of Latin rhythms and melancholy. A true tribute to Latin culture whether at home or in the diaspora. 
  • Interview with Yerry Rellum

    Exception To The Rule UbuntuFM | Yerry Rellum #Interviews | #Soul | Yerry Rellum orginating from Surinam and based in the Netherlands, recently released his hit single 'I Feel Love' with Walboomers Music. The track was heavily promoted on UbuntuFM Radio. Ikenna Okeh now sits down with Yerry for an in-depth interview. 
  • Tony Koch & The Alt News Band | "Uber Chill"

    A rich collection of NeoBop, NuJazz, Funk and Latin music UbuntuFM | Tony Koch & The Alt News Band | "Uber Chill" #Releases | #Jazz | "Uber Chill" brings together elements of various musical styles combined with unexpected instrumental solos, richly layered synth sounds, hip rhythms and bluesy, funky guitar hooks.