• Hugh Masekela | Stimela (Coal Train)

    A song of hope against a backdrop of social injustice Hugh Masekela | Stimela (Coal Train) #Reviews | #Jazz | Hugh Masekela - who passed on Jan 23, 2018 - is an integral part of South African modern history, being part of the resistance against 'apartheid' oppression, the social issues he addressed in his music as well as being a larger-than-life figure.

    ALBUM RELEASE | Suthukazi Arosi | “Naked” | #SouthAfrica #Jazz #Soul #R&B UbuntuFM | Suthukazi Arosi | “Naked” | #SouthAfrica #Jazz #Soul #R&B #Releases | #Jazz | “Naked” features 10 brand new tracks recorded over a period of twelve years, 2 remixes and 3 interludes. The interludes introduce the listener to some of the traditional and tribal sounds of South Africa. Each with a specific purpose and theme. 
  • C.C. Grace | So Far Away

    Stellar collection of songs from the 1970s UbuntuFM | C.C. Grace | So Far Away #Releases | #Blues | C.C. Grace's third musical adventure! Hand-picked tunes from a decade rich with melody and heart. This stellar collection will take you back to a gentler time and a kinder world. Sit back and let C.C's sultry voice return you to the music that mattered.
  • Cynthia Basinet | The Journey

    exclusive interview with a remarkable woman Cynthia Basinet | UbuntuFM Interview cover #Interviews | #Jazz | Cynthia Basinet is a multi-talented American actress, singer, supermodel, activist and mother from the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles county.
  • Bill King | 'Desert Orchid'

    single release UbuntuFM | Bill King | 'Desert Orchid' #Releases | #Jazz | 'Desert Orchid' paints a beautiful and delicate musical picture of the American southwest - the landscape, plant life, the verandas, and rugged people who live artfully amongst nature’s often hostile terrain.  Plateaus in the distance, the thousands of miles of blowing sand, the hars
  • Interview with Ogoo

    UbuntuFM Africa linked up with R&B singer Ogoo from Nigeria UbuntuFM | Ogoo | "Onye Isi Oma (The Lucky One)" | "You Are Mine" #Interviews | #RnB | UbuntuFM gets in touch with Ogoo following the release of her latest single, ‘Onye Isi Oma (The Lucky One)’ and ‘You Are Mine’. In this exclusive interview with UbuntuFM’s Ikenna Okeh, Ogoo talks about being a music artist in modern Nigeria, her career, #MeToo and the effect of digi
  • UbuntuFM meets Eric Bibb

    Eric Bibb | Blues troubadour, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, Grammy nominee, citizen of the world. UbuntuFM | Eric Bibb | Blues troubadour, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, citizen of the world. #Interviews | #Blues | In his latest release ‘Migration Blues’ (2017) Eric Bibb - 2017 Grammy nominee in the best traditional Blues album category - draws a parallel between the former African-American share-croppers leaving the segregation and misery of the Southern USA for the industrial cities
  • Maura Shaftoe | "Make Me A Memory"

    Maura’s fourth album, Make Me a Memory, invites us to be in the present moment, and to live with no regrets. UbuntuFM | Maura Shaftoe | "Make Me A Memory" #Releases | #Pop | Singer Songwriter Maura Shaftoe has been making beautiful noise for over twenty years.
  • Jim Gelcer | Melodies Pure and True

    Melodies, pure and true UbuntuFM | Jim Gelcer | Melodies Pure and True #Reviews | #Jazz | Jim Gelcer | "Melodies Pure and True" | CA | #Jazz | MELODIES (and verses) referring to Pop and R&B classics that is PURE AND TRUE in its approach and delivery.