Imagine, a house, not any house, a special House...
Marvin Gaye @ Ubuntu.fm
from the album "What's Going On"
National Geographic Live! - Spencer Wells: The Human Journey
Piri Reis world map (1513)
The Hapgood Einstein Hancock Earth Crust Displacement Theory
Proverbs 1-7 | Wisdom
Proverbs 1 to 7
New theming and lay-out for ubuntu.fm
Jimi Hendrix - The Musical Firestorm
The musical firestorm
Hey, it should be Ignorance is Bliss!
Ancient Hidden Technology of the Annunaki (Fallen Angels)
Video blog about Nelson Mandela
Don't victimize yourself, unless you truly truly believe that you had no choice.
One Night you may go to sleep, thinking that All that You have is lost...
What is Trinity?
Who are we if we cannot agree to disagree?
Jimmy Cliff performing 'Bongo Man' @ Glastonbury, UK & Paradiso, Amsterdam (2011)
Jimmy Cliff performing live around the world
One of the reasons ubuntu.fm was established
Jimmy Cliff | True Story
They gave us history, but what about the true story?
Acknowlegde Me | UbuntuFM
Isn't that what We All want?
Why don't you listen...
Petrified Love