Poem from 'A Harvest Of Verses'

If you are yet sprightly,
But with fear saddled upon your heart;
Bearing weightily on your self-will
And encumbering your every step,
Then stand before a mirror and look closely
You will find that thou art no youth.

Poem by Ikenna Okeh

In all of the universes
And in Time’s lengthy verses
It’s told in more times than once
That help waits upon those ones,
Whose hearts are set upon noble causes;

Prophetic words by Prince

'One Song' is a lyric video presented on Love4OneAnother.com on January 1, 2000. It features a lengthy speech by Prince followed by "One Song." The song has never appeared on any other release besides Love 4 One Another. Lyric video by Sam Jennings.

Peace of mind

Sometimes, I wish... I was someplace else, but this is my home...
Sometimes, I wish... I was someone else, but this is me...
Sometimes, I wish... I could do something else, but this is what I do...

This is my home, this is me, this is what I do

Are You Experienced?

Jimi Hendrix
The musical firestorm that raged thru the land of Sound and Soul, changing it forever.
The tidal wave that washed ashore on the beaches of Melody and Harmony, shaping it forever.
The howling hurricane of force and fury that hit the ground running, all but to vanish into thin air.
The root of the tree of music that stands firmly in the garden of Genius and Grace. 

A shift in perspective

One night you may go to sleep, thinking that all is lost...

The next morning you wake up...
You breathe in, you breathe out...

You look around and you begin to realize
that really nothing has been lost...

Nothing really has changed...
the only thing that has changed, is You.

Now that is Freedom,
don't You think?