The Paths Ahead

Submitted by Ikenna Okeh on Thu, 09/07/2017 - 15:58
The Paths Ahead: Poem by Ikenna Okeh
Poem by Ikenna Okeh

In all of the universes
And in Time’s lengthy verses
It’s told in more times than once
That help waits upon those ones,
Whose hearts are set upon noble causes;

Through such does Light direct its courses:
To cast life-giving rays to every end,
That hearts and minds may not fail to no end.
But as for those spirits lifted unto vanity,
Who have so lost the essence of their humanity,
To this lot is Salvation’s way lost

How they grope in gloom and fog and frost
Until weary, they sink into base passions
And roam after strange fads and fashions;
From west, north, south and east
Until one is no more to tell human from beast.