Tony Koch & The Alt News Band | "Uber Chill"

Submitted by UbuntuFM on Tue, 05/15/2018 - 00:57
Tony Koch & The Alt News Band | "Uber Chill"
A rich collection of NeoBop, NuJazz, Funk and Latin music

"Uber Chill" brings together elements of various musical styles combined with unexpected instrumental solos, richly layered synth sounds, hip rhythms and bluesy, funky guitar hooks. 

Uber Chill, is a collection of bandleader, guitarist, composer and jazz visionary Tony Koch’s original alternative jazz tunes that dives deeply into his creative use of melody, harmony and rhythm and celebrates each members’ diverse perspectives, all framed by the group’s sizzling chemistry.

The songs on the album encourage listeners to slow down, relax and melt into delicious layers of melody and harmony.

Uber Chill features sparkling performances with simmering grooves and soaring solos. The underlying compositions tell thought- provoking stories about the thrill and adventure of life’s mysterious ebbs and ows.

The AltNews Band came together after Koch retired from full-time teaching and moved just up the coast from Vancouver, to Pender Harbour, where he had built a home and small custom studio that became an inspiring place to create new music.

After putting together several tunes, he contacted long-time friend, producer, engineer and bass player Hill, who had partnered with him on a fusion project 25 years prior. The pair tightened up arrangements before bringing in versatile pianist Black to inject a neo bop attitude into the project.

They then invited Ruggiero from Las Vegas and, after rehearsing songs for the album and tweaking arrangements, they sought a broader color palate and enlisted the amazing talents of saxophonist Campbell Ryga.

Members of the AltNews Band are all accomplished artists and creators with extraordinary backgrounds who continue to seek answers to the eternal question:

“What is jazz? Uber Chill?”