Dave O Rama Interviews Donné Roberts

Malagasy Magic

This interview was conducted on the March 18, 2017, edition of The Lovecast, broadcasting live from CHLY FM, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Host Dave O Rama speaks with Madagascar-born, Toronto-based solo artist Donné Roberts, who is also an award-winning member of the African Guitar Summit, and also a member of the 2017 JUNO Award nominated collective the Okavango African Orchestra. Roberts joins Dave O Rama on the phone from Toronto to discuss his new solo recording, recent touring work with African Guitar Summit, and the history of the Okavango African Orchestra.

Donné Roberts was born in Madagascar, raised and educated in the USSR (Russia), speaks Malagasy, Russian, French, and English.

This edition of The Lovecast reaches out to all the African music fans out there, and you can check out the entire program from which this interview is derived right here

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