Powerful and inspiring

Cynthia Thijs Coenraad's album "Walk Your Own Line" is powerful and inspiring! With tracks like "Stand Up For Your Rights," "Open Your Arms," and "We Still Believe in You," Cynthia showcases her incredible talent as a jazz vocalist. With uplifting melodies that open your arms and embrace your spirit, this album is a true gem.

Elegant and Soulful

In a day and age where too much R&B is nothing but about the grind, the Austria-based duo Elis Noa comes with a refreshing release. Art being an expression of thoughts and feelings that we would argue should go further than knee-deep, this album delivers on that. Romantic, atmospheric, authentic, and well-crafted. Polished but not glossy. Just a few keywords to get your heart and mind going.

From the spherical dreamy, to the dark and smouldering

Christina Dahl is one of Denmark's most original and respected saxophone players. Her playing and her compositions are based on fearless courage and deep care for the music. So do  Simon Toldam and Peter Bruun that accompanied her on this journey. Honesty, sincerity, purity, and integrity come to mind when we listen to the album and reflect thereof on our own state of being and that of the world.