A new pathway for Nigerian crime fiction

A book review of ‘Rogues of the East’ by Ebri Kowaki - How Ikenna Okeh has cleared a new pathway for Nigerian crime fiction. Daring and imaginative Nigerian novelists have published crime novels every other year since 2010. Like dynamite going off underwater, it is creating a great splash. And that splash is what this review analyses.

A fountain of musical youth

The Rolling Stones have made a record you’ll want to play more than once — seriously. They haven't sounded this on top of their game in about half a century. The first Stones album in ages you’ll want to crank more than once before filing away.

Powerful and inspiring

Cynthia Thijs Coenraad's album "Walk Your Own Line" is powerful and inspiring! With tracks like "Stand Up For Your Rights," "Open Your Arms," and "We Still Believe in You," Cynthia showcases her incredible talent as a jazz vocalist. With uplifting melodies that open your arms and embrace your spirit, this album is a true gem.